Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I've been observing, feeling, realizing...& some EVE advice/tips too!

(one of my inspirations in life...and HEROES...
she's not 'real' but that don't matter!!!?!!!
It's Delirium from the Sandman Comic Series...
she's so funny & free & full of life & pure craziness....
& she she JUST so colorful & pretty!
I want to be like her...well, maybe just a couple notches less crazier....^_^)

  1. I should not stay up late (into the early morning hours)...either on the computer or making art. I wake up soooo sleepy and feel pretty tired all day. I try to make it through my day as good as I possibly can...and I'm alright at it but I really do NEED to catch up on my zzzzzzzzzz's. (My advice-sooooo always TRY to get a good night's sleep or you'll regret it! It's a FACT indeed.)
  2. Having LOTS of friends is not always a good thing. Especially if you run in the same circles be it online or in "real" life. I've always been the type of person to have just a few really good friends and I think that's more than enough. I can't handle TOO much gossip or catty BS. I always get hurt because words (gossip) spread fast....& girls can get especially vicious when they think they know YOU more than YOU know yourself. So honestly I just prefer hanging out with my guy friends at times-less drama, no BS. (Advice-Sometimes you really don't know someone the way you THINK you do...and just realize you don't know {and will never know} EVERYTHING about a person. Just like a friend will never know everything about you. Most of all, please keep in mind that friends come in & out of our lives for a reason. And even when it's painful & sad, realize IT was supposed to happen. *Oh, and remember there's ALWAYS 3 sides to a story-my story, your story, and the that how the saying goes?)
  3. If you can't be your own best friend won't get very far in life. If someone doesn't want to do something with you...just do it yourself! (oh & I didn't go to the HEART concert-it was cold & a bit rainy & too far away in the end...not to mention not entirely FREE-sucks) (Advice-get plenty of "me" aka: "YOU" time...even if you're reading, crafting/arting things up, or just being a couch potato...and know there will be a time(s) when you just gotta go out & do it for YOURSELF-like going to the movies, a concert, or an art show. ;}
  4. I live for (and love) the simple things in life. Example: like hugging/kissing/chilling out with my doggie...oh & the boyfriend too. ;} Or staying in my art room for hours listening to music and trying out new artsy things...or just really focusing on a piece. (Advice-Every now & then JUST...drop the tv, the computer, the car, the cellphone-I KNOW you can DO it! And simply just ENJOY the lil' things for a lil' while. Mainly so you'll know there is more to life than just all this technology crap...& yeah, blogging too. Yes, I'm slowly but surely learning that about blogging! BLOGGER can live without you and me for ___ time. Never ever ever EVER feel like you HAVE to blog! I make that assumption all the time. I HEART writing/sharing but sometimes you just NEED a break for a bit...and NEVER apologize for it. OK!??)
  5. BE YOURSELF...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF...FOLLOW YOUR HEART...AND YOU'LL ALWAYS BE ON THE RIGHT PATH. (I don't think I need to say anymore about that one!)
  6. I ALWAYS REMEMBER EVERY DAY IS MY UN-BIRTHDAY. (ADVICE-CELEBRATE YOURSELF IN SOME WAY EACH & EVERY DAY...have a long bubble bath or bake yourself something really bad for something FUN just 'cuz you deserve it!)
Take care friends and enjoy your day.~

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The Queen of Clearance said...

great advice and tips! I learned a long time ago that having a lot of friends did not mean that you had good friends. I have had the same 5 friends now for a long time and I can count of them for anything...and we are totally drama free :) oh...and I stay up too late (its 3am now) andI feel tired all day too! Why do we do that?

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Queen!

That's great that you have 5 really good friends & it's drama free. Yes, you WERE up late last night! You need to follow my first tip and always GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP. :)

Mejis said...

Great advice!
I have found that what people don't know about you, they'll just make up. Sad but true.

Sullivan McPig said...

As for friends (both male and female) in RL my owner and me have about 3 real friends. online there's about 4 that we consider real friends. True friends are hard to find.
And as for your point 6: So true! As Dale Cooper said in Twin Peaks: each day give yourself a gift even if it's just sitting down with a cup of nice hot coffee. (well something like that.)
We try to live according to this principle!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks ladies!

Mejis- Very true. And it is sad that people do that...all I can say about that is UGH!!! ;}

Eve Noir said...

Sullivan- You know what, I think the same (exactly) goes for me as well. Good friends are hard to find. (And I'm so glad we found each other, you're a very good friend...& you too Sullivan!)

OH MY, you like TWIN PEAKS? And Cooper said that? When...episode?...or episodes? Hmm, did he say it in the very 1st episode since he was soooo in love with the coffee & pie!?? Ha ha.

I have a TP lil' story to tell you. I'll email ya about it though. (I'll say this much, MIKE and I are finally seeing it on cable...we're a lil' over half through.)

Thanks for your comment Sullivan and your very sweet owner!

Sullivan McPig said...

We love Twin Peaks! We have everything on dvd. I don't think it was in the first episode, but it was when Dale and Harry are at the Diner and Harry is saying they don't have time for coffee if I remember correctly.

EVE said...

Thanks Sullivan. Yeah, it does sound like something he'd say...too funny! I'm really enjoying the is Mike. I'm not the biggest Lynch fan (waits to get a slap across the head from Sullivan)...but I really really REALLY like Twin Peaks. After that I'd say Blue Velvet is my fave Lynch project/film.

Thanks again~

Sullivan McPig said...

I won't slap you, just tie you up in a chair and force your eyes to stay open (much like they do in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange) while I make you watch Lost Highway a 100 times ;-)

EVE said...

Sullivan- You're funny.


Mike LOVESSSSSS Lost Highway btw!!! (and the soundtrack too!)

But I said I liked Blue Velvet...;}