Friday, November 6, 2009

3rd Question Asked by one of YOUs: Dinner & a Movie with ____

  • If you could share dinner & a movie with THREE dead musicians, whom would they be and why?


  • I have always been intrigued with Ian Curtis. Over the years I've come to realize (for me) he's a musical genius and he truly put all of his heart & soul into his music. He dared to do something completely different in music and I appreciate anyone who takes a risk whether they realize it was a RISK or not.
  • His story is quite sad though. I've done lots of research on him to try to figure out the type of person he was...and of course why he would want to end his life at 1-a terribly young age (only 23 years old) and 2-why he would do it RIGHT before possibly getting the recognition Joy Division deserved (he killed himself the night before their first US tour).
  • And although I can only say my opinion to WHY he would do it (which are many things and his friends/family also say it probably was many issues), I know he was really a lost soul...but still very intelligent, talented, and CUTE! ;)
  • So at dinner I would like to chat with him about his lyrics, music, and life (in general). Telling him "Don't you know you are crazy to have killed yourself man! You were gonna be big superstars!" I just think it would be great to hang out with him. I feel a lot of things he we writes about (though many are sad, depressing, painful) but I applaud him for reaching deep down to bring those sorta feelings to the surface.

  • Syd is a newcomer for me BUT I was very interested in his story when I found out that he was actually one of the original members of Pink Floyd. AND more importantly, that he was the first singer/writer/guitarist (basically was the leader) of the band. And although he only made ONE album with the band, he has this great legacy. One of those people (although it's kinda sad) that is labeled "Genius...or Madman?"
  • Because he left the band (or was kicked out), and although he did a couple solo albums afterwards, he basically lived in total seclusion until he passed away a few years ago. People did not understand that and I really can't understand it completely either. He loved music so much and then....nothing. Very odd. I would definitely LOVE to have more of his music in my collection but he simply stopped...and that is quite sad because he was very talented.
  • And yeah, he's really really attractive. Dark hair, dark eyes, tall...seems to be the general thing (tall, dark, handsome, haha)...but it's the kinda guy I'm usually physically attracted to. His eyes are killer-they draw you in completely. But anyways, he was ahead of his time imo and I would the chance to sit by him and chat about...well, everything! Mainly music of course. And why he decided to call it quits with music at such a young age (I believe he wasn't even 25 years old when he said Adios to the music business).

  • This person was my tough one. The one I couldn't decide for a while. Had to really think about it. And I really chose him for 'entertainment' purposes. I was thinking John Lennon but then I thought "Hm....???" Very tough call so after much debating, another Sid it is.
  • Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. What a story! I mean I think some of you know it. So I won't say too much. Basically when I think of the word PUNK, I see Sid's face. A lot of people credit him for the word and he really lived it up...unfortunately to the point of his own death at a very young age. Every time I see him talking in an interview or something like that, I laugh because he seemed really funny and cool to just hang out with. He's really off the wall and speaks his mind and I LOVE that about anyone.
  • Man, I don't know if WE (Syd, Ian, and Sid) could make it through dinner and a film honestly. Mainly because of SID-first off, I can't understand a lot of what he says (I think I'd need Johnny Rotten there to interpret, haha).
  • Oh & wait-all three guys are British, did that happen? LOL. I <3>
  • Oh, and Sid is so rude (I honestly think he doesn't realize it) that maybe it'd have to be 3 separate dates and then one big ol' date with all 3 guys. I mean...I think they'd be at each others throats for some reason...and the date would probably be over in a short time. So I think I'd HAVE to do THREE separate dates...then one BIG one which would be very interesting. ;)

So yeah, that's my THREE musicians. :) Who would you choose? And you can say a lil' why also.

Take care friends and thanks for the great questions. Tomorrow I shall reveal the winner of the giveaway, so STAY TUNED. Hope you enjoy your weekend.~

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Sullivan McPig said...

I could have guessed the second one!

Hmmm.... dead musicians...

1) Jim Morrison
I think he'd be a very interesting person to have a chat with and if not, his voice is pleasant to listen to anyway.
2) Elvis Presley
3) Beethoven
I'd love to hear from him what he thinks of today's music. would he love it or hate it?

The Bird said...

Absolutely Numero Uno would be John Lennon! I think he's brilliant and beautiful inside and out :)

Second, Buddy Holly. I think he was a creative genius, innovating the music scene in ways many don't realize today.

And lastly, Elvis. Both my parents were crazy about him and I actually feel sorry for the monkey-cage existence he was forced to live.

Soldier without a War said...

hmmm... this is a tough question!! lol...

1. Kurt Cobain- Not a huge fan of Nirvana, but I think he would be a fun guy to try and figure out.

2.Johnny Cash-I think he would be quite a respectful dinner date and I would love to have him "play" a little something for me. :)

3.Billie Holiday- I adore her music and think she would be quite a sparky gal to have a few drinks with and talk about relationships gone awry. :)

Eve said...

Good lists everyone. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

Soldier- I was almost going to pick Kurt. It would be interesting to chat & try to figure him out. Oh and with Billie-I was trying very hard to think of women musicians who've passed...and was tough to think of any. Well any that I really was interested in (sounds bad I know). I was even thinking of Mama Cass a one point (lol). But yeah, Billie would be very cool I think!