Monday, November 9, 2009

Not so much a BIG announcement

Well, as some of you've seen in a previous post I said I had a BIG annoucement to make. Well, after much thinking I've decided something...and now it's really not that BIG of an announcement. (Which is a good thing, I think!) So here's the story...

  • I was planning on just taking a "break" from blogging for a bit. Maybe a month or so...but as I said above, I've thought about it and have decided that I know I will want to post something or another so I still will be blogging...just not as much. (As I love my blog and you guys too much!) And I know I say that often, but I do really have matters to attend to...and I can't put them off. The main thing is a personal issue that I can't get into here, but it's o.k....I'm not getting sent to prison or anything ;) ...just have to do something that is going to take some time (much thought, ugh!) and effort.

  • So for those of you who talk to me personally, you know through email or FaceBook, you may know what's up...and for those who don't, like I said, it's not the end of the world. Just a certain something that has to be taken care of. And if we speak through email, just know I may not be able to get back to you as quickly as before. BUT as for you FaceBook friends, you know I'm there pretty often, and we can chat from time to time of course! Don't be afraid to IM me. I'm usually doing nothing much besides pondering. ;)

  • SOOOOoooo, in the meantime this week is Mike's week off from work (aka: vacation) so we'll be doing some stuff and just relaxing (although I do work my normal schedule still). I am also going to be part of another local art show, YAY!, taking place in December. I finished up one piece over the weekend and the other I'm still working on...and I'm unsure if that one will be in the show. We'll see. It's an art show that's theme is Cult Films, and I chose Nightmare Before Xmas. {The piece I did is called "Scary Teddy"-pictured above-and is a character, though a small part for him, in one of my fave films.}

  • OK, that is all. Hope you're all doing well and be chatting with you later. ~XoX~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Take care and blog as much or as little you feel like it! We know where to find you! mhuhahaha ;-)