Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winner of my Blogoversary Giveaway is...

(I love this painting by Mark Ryden lots)


aka: Soldier Without A War

Please do yourself a favor & check it out!

It's kinda funny because Heidi has just recently came back
(well, back to the Blogging World)
after taking a break,
and she remembered something specifically about me.
And I love that!

That was a pretty BIG thing when I was thinking of who should win this giveaway.

I was very happy she remembered I LOVED Mark Ryden
(he is my all-time fave artist).
I didn't answer the question yet (I'm still thinking about it),
but this was one of her THREE Questions:

If Mark Ryden came to you and told you that he would love to paint a painting of you, what items would have to be depicted along with you in that painting? And why?

Very VERY great question Heidi!
And I might answer it one of these days.

  • She also asked the question about who would be the THREE (deceased) Musicians I would love to have dinner with & watch a film with.
  • And her last question I will answer now...


If you could live anywhere in the world for 1 year, where would you live? And who would you take along with you?


I would definitely live in England and I would bring my dog Bibi.


  • Thanks SO much to ALL who participated in this giveaway. I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for a while. I appreciate that.

So all I need now is for you to email me your address, Soldier Without a War aka: Heidi.

Please congrat her everyone...AND once again, check out her cool blog.

So glad you're back in Blogger-land, Heidi. You were missed!

  • Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!~

7 Curious people had this to say...:

Soldier without a War said...

YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! I am so totally thrilled that I won!! Yay! what a great way to come back into the blogging world! :) Thank you girlie!

I am going to email you my address right now. :)

Eve said...

You're very welcome Heidi. So glad you're happy. ^_^


The Bird said...

Congratulations Heidi! You'll have to post pics of all your goodies when you receive them :) I'm gonna head over and check out your blog too!

Sullivan McPig said...

And I'm guessing the answer would be a mirror ;-)

I myself would want Mark Ryden to paint me as a zombie!

Eve said...

Ha ha Sullivan. That would be interesting to see you like that! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Heidi!!

Cindy said...

congrats to the winner! i wish i could have participated, but there has been so much going on between work, still unpacking, and such!