Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick Notes about Etsy and Art Shows I'll be in

Hi everyone.

Just a quick note about my ETSY shop, Looking Glass Gallery. I am having an XMAS/End of 2009 Sale. Everything is either 17 or 19 dollars at the moment, with the exception of one set of dolls (shipping is not included, sorry). I am unsure if I want to continue having an ETSY shop...have yet to make a sale and I'm not getting much traffic.

I heard of another "handmade art" website and I may re-open LGG there. I guess I'll see what happens. Plus I'm not really selling (or attempting to sell) the kind of art I REALLY make there. You know what I mean...canvas, mirror stuff, etc... I'm basically trying to sell what I can easily it's not so easy to ship canvas and delicate things with glass or mirror that I my ART website is uncertain at the moment. But I'll keep you all updated for sure!

Some cool things happening with me lately: 1) I'm going to have an art piece in a local art (cult film inspired) show called Bad Channels on January 8th. I did a piece called "Cellar Door" inspired by one of my fave films, Donnie Darko. Should be a lot of fun. 2) There's an event taking place New Years Eve through the 2nd of January 2010 called Wonderland. I talked about it in the spring on here but was unable to go. So it's cool that it's happening again AND....ready....??? (or more) of my pieces will be in the show. Yay! They definitely accepted one...they may select another. So this is wonderful news for you all know how much I LOVE Wonderland and Alice. So I'm also very excited about that.

I'll be checking in soon again. I hope you're all doing good and enjoy the rest of your week.

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Sullivan McPig said...

congrats on getting in the Wonderland show!