Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I really wonder about Bibi

I really wonder about my doggie Bibi. For the past couple of months I think she's been depressed. Seriously! The pic above is her in the computer room with me. I mean she looks so bored, right? Well, she's been doing other things too...mainly staying in bed with me for long periods of time. Laying really close to me...making me not want to get moving for the day.

I KNOW she'd love to be around other dogs...we don't really have any others on my side of the family...there's a couple on Mike's. But I also think she's been picking up on my moods too...I've been feeling pretty BLAH for the past couple of months too. Hm....I think I need to start taking her for walks's just that it's been so so cold. But I hate seeing her like this. Any of you have pets from the past/present that picked up on your moods?....Or had their own silly moods? Just curious!

Well have a great day with you later!~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Our dog Pino always picked up on our moods. Barking at people I didn't trust, or sitting in my lap and licking my face when I was sad.
The only times she ever made a mistake in our moods was when we were roleplaying. one time in the heat of the game we were argueing and shouting at my brother (in game) and Pino sat on his lap and looked at all of us defiantly as if saying: leave the poor boy alone, he's done nothing wrong.

Anyway:I hope both of you feel better soon!

Demented Wench said...

Pets do pick up on your moods. My first dog, Misty, was also very in tune with my physical health and would stick close to me when I wasn't feeling well. We used to call her Nurse Fuzzball.

Found art blog said...

Just out of curiosity, did it cross your mind to visit Vet? Might be worth a quick 5 minute chat.... more so if Dog had gone off food as well?? Just a thought....

Eve said...

Sorry getting back to you all SOOOO late on this post! >.<

Thanks Sullivan & Wench.

Beanie- Yeah, it's a possibility to take her to the vet. Strange thing is she's more lazy (like us) and eating much more (and it's winter). She usually just eats a bowl of food a day...and now it's around 1 1/2 to 2 bowls. Hm...makes me wonder!