Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost time for a...Giveaway !!!

Hi FRIENDS! I am going to be doing a GIVEAWAY very celebration of my 600th post. Wow, can you believe it? Well, I sure can't. I've been blogging for over a year now...but wooo, 600 posts-that seems like a lot!

Sooooo, THIS marks my 590th post so only 10 to go before the BIG GIVEAWAY. Are you ready for it?????? This giveaway is open to EVERYONE...and the only RULE is you must be a follower (or become one) in order to participate.

OK, I'll give you a little info to get your brain thinking about what I'm looking for. Well, I know I said this is now my ART BLOG a while back, but I do talk about other things...I knew I couldn't strictly focus on art. Yet, I love's a BIG part of my life. So, I got some ART questions for you...well, a few right now (again to get you thinkin' a bit)...and you might have to dig into the Looking-Glass archives to answer. Soooo.....

1) Name TWO of my favorite artists.

2) If you could describe MY ART in 3 words, what would those words be?

3) Who is one of YOUR favorite artists...and WHY? (If you don't have a favorite artist...then tell me a favorite author, musician, photographer, etc....and WHY.)

OK, those may (or may not) be the only questions I will be asking you. AND...I will be asking you to EMAIL me your answers, and asking you not to post 'em here so others can see. Top secret stuff. ;) Now, if YOU want, you can email me these 3 answers at any time...and like I said I might throw in one or two more question when I do the giveaway after 10 more posts. And THIS WILL BE A BIG your hard work WILL pay off. ;)

So.......if you have any questions or comments about this giveaway, please POST 'em here....and feel free to answer the questions whenever you desire.

HOPE you enjoy answering the questions, I look forward to reading them! And yeah, why did I capitalize soooooo many words? Hm....curious!
Take care~

*Oh and my email is (please put "Giveaway Answers" as the subject). Thanks so much friends & followers! XoX~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Cool! And those three are easy ;-)

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