Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Art-o-Mat at Detroit Comics

Today I was out and about (early for a change too!) so I decided to take a little drive to Ferndale. It's a very cool little city near Royal Oak (you all know I go there often). So I mainly went to Ferndale to check out the Art-o-Mat machine at Detroit Comics. I've only heard of it recently from Took, who was the winner of my last giveaway. But ever since I heard of it from her, I've REALLY wanted to go and today was a perfect day (up early, no work, and nice out).

So what is an Art-o-Mat you might be wondering? Well, the Art-o-Mat dispenses original art works by artists from all over the USA. The Art-o-Mat itself is a retired cigarette vending machine. So basically what you do is....

...look at the different artists & a sample of their art (or description) above each knob.

Then you make your decision, pull the knob...and a second later, your art will come out. (Kerplunk-the noise when it drops down) Yay! Cool, right?

And here's some info (much I've already said) on the Art-o-Mat. So you might be wondering which ones did I choose? I originally thought I'd get TWO art pieces but after seeing ALL the art (and not knowing when I'd come back again), I decided to get THREE. I will show them below.

I chose this one and got...

...this beautiful image on wood. I love trees so I was very happy to get this one by artist Jessica Guptill.

The next one I chose was by an artist named Herbert Hoover. No picture of his art but the description was "hand cast pewter objects." I thought that was pretty interesting so I got...

...a cracker! Oooo, I wonder what it would look like!

And it looks like...a cracker! But a shiny silver cracker. ;) Very cool!

And lastly I said What The Heck and got one more cuz my eye kept going back to this image by artist Julie Armbruster. So if my eye is going back to look it means GET NOW EVE! LOL.

So I saw this cute little white whale...and thought HM, love it and I'm sure her art is cool.

And what do you know, I got the whale on wood! Yay! Mission accomplished. Thanks so much Took for telling me about the Art-o-Mat, I'm sure I will visit it soon again. If you'd like to check out Took's Blog (she is also an Art-o-Mat artist) please go HERE. If you'd like to check out the Art-o-Mat website please go HERE.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!~

4 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

Wow, that's amazing and cool and some other words I can't think of at the moment. ;)

Eve Noir said...

Yes I know! I can't describe it either cuz it is BEYOND cool. :)

Alice said...

This is such a cool idea! I wish they do have one Art-O-Mat here! I really love to pull a nob!

Sullivan McPig said...

wow! What an awesome idea! Love the cute little whale!