Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Card + ATC's from Beanie

I LOVE getting mail from Beanie! It always puts me in a good mood. ;) Above is the envelope I found in my mailbox today.

And when I opened it, I saw this lovely handmade greeting card.

And wow, I wanted to trade a lot of ATC's (artist trading cards) with Beanie this time around. I got NINE of 'em, though only 8 are pictured. (Another black & white one is under the black & white one.) I love them all!

But my 2 faves are these ones. The "card" is actually a playing card. SO COOL! Great idea. Thanks so much for the cards Beanie. I will be sending NINE back to you soon. Oh, by the way, please check out Beanie's very awesome Blog HERE.

Take care friends!~

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Found art blog said...

Glad they made it!! feel free to "claim" the items in my blog too - they're all numbered on the labels on the back of 'em!