Thursday, June 3, 2010

Harajuku Lovers "Makeup Girls"

I don't have the above bag, but isn't it so so cute?! ;)

I LOVE Harajuku Lovers! The perfume, the makeup bags, and the purses/totes. The newest line of HL is the "Makeup Girls" bag collection. This is my favorite series so far. I bought the wallet and the clear clutch recently. Click HERE to see the Makeup Girls. People may think they are pricey (and they are a tad) BUT in general I think wallets are not that cheap. So why not pay a few dollars extra for something you really love? And will get good use out of, right? (Same goes for the purses!)

And yes, as the inside of the perfume boxes's "A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness" really is!

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