Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Art Giveaway

Happy 10/10/10! To celebrate today I'm going to do an art giveaway. So in order for you to participate in this giveaway all I ask is for you to leave a comment. I would appreciate it if you were a follower of my Blog but you don't have to be for this particular giveaway. So when you leave a comment just tell me THREE of your favorite colors and I will make a piece using these colors (and maybe more colors too). I will probably pick a winner Friday so leave your comments asap.

Thanks so much and enjoy your week! XoX~Eve

BTW: If you choose to participate and are not a follower, could you please write your real name (atleast your first name) at the bottom of your comment. Thanks so much!

6 Curious people had this to say...:

Funeral Doll said...

i wont try to win because i have one by you already and i'll leave it to someone who doesn't! just wanted to comment to show my <3

Sullivan McPig said...

Oh, that's usch a cool and sweet giveaway!
My three favourite colours are:
Green, Purple and Black (or Red)

Found art blog said...

OH! How exciting!! Well, I'd choose hot pink, electic blue and bright smack you in the face yellow!! What fun....!

redukt said...

I'd like to choose silver, dark blue, and black as my colors. This sounds like fun!

Jaime said...

this is Jaime! i don't have a blogger T_T.

my colors would be pink/black/neon blue

i like this! i wish i would have seen this post earlier!!

fragilemuse said...

oooh this sounds like fun!!

my three favorite colours are.. hmmm.. dark red, cool grey and puke green =D