Monday, January 17, 2011

Art Progress for 2011

Hi. This is some of my art progress so far this year.
Pictured above:
in process piece of a new character i created...
called TearDropBaby

I'm trying to do a series...
and I want to do more series/themed stuff this year as well.

Below is Mother of Sludge Duck.
It's part of my White:Blue:Black series.

creepy statue i found (and then altered)...
from the Salvation Army

an altered Be Goth toy

In process piece w:feathers, glitter, acrylic paint

I also want to do a NOIR series.
Because I found these awesome black canvases at Michaels.
Not sure what I want to do yet...
but I know I want it very simple.
so the black is pretty dominant.

So here's some more things I've been messing around with.
Pictured below: my art on a record. Yes vinyl.

Pictured below:
Well, I tried making another heart similar to my piece that was up for auction.
It's sorta similar, definitely not as good as the first one. But I'm still happy with it.

Last but never least, an altered Barbie doll.
Materials: gauze, pin, craft cord, paint, faux flowers.


2 Curious people had this to say...:

tanders said...

wow Eve you have been very busy! good on ya! keep it up, like the variety of expressions

Eve said...

Hi Tricia. Thanks for commenting. I've been so-so comes & goes. ;) I'm trying to take things a bit slower...usually I work pretty fast. So this takes some getting used to. Hope you are well!