Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vinyl Redux, Coming Soon

The Vinyl Redux Art Show is coming soon. Opening reception is June 4th and the show will run through July 15th. It's also the grand opening of the gallery itself, The Funhouse Gallery, located in the Russell Industrial Center. The gallery focuses on outsider, lowbrow, and street art.

I'm excited. It's been a while since I've been a part of a show. Vinyl Redux is all art on vinyl records. Some people may have done altered record sleeves as well. I tried that, didn't work so good though. So I did the maximum that you can display, 10 records. Actually I probably did closer to 20, been working on 'em for quite a while. So the rest I will probably bring to the People's Arts Festival this year.

8 of the 10 records that I'll have at the show are paintings while the other 2 are mixed media pieces. The picture above, Mime Girl, is one of my records that will be at Vinyl Redux. Think she might be my favorite one of the ten I made. I liked her so much I even put her image on my newest business cards.

Enjoy your weekend!

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