Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Art Show Very Soon

Looks like I will be in another art show sooner than I thought. And I'm very happy about that! It will be August 12th & 13th. This art show's theme is anatomical art. OK I'm being lazy this is what it is all about as written on their page...

"We request the honour of your presence to witness the unveiling of an extraordinary exhibition of anatomic-inspired artwork and medical curiosities entitled Corpus Illuminata ~ An Anatomic Interpretation.

Hosted at the District VII Gallery located at Twenty six Ninety Wight Street in Detroit, this event will consist of one part gallery of international artists, one part museum of Victorian-era medical antiquities and one part academia of accredited presentations."

This show sounds really cool! And well honestly, I wasn't going to submit anything at first. I thought for a long while about what I could make that was "anatomical." I just could not wrap my head around it. Then I realized I had something all along that could possibly be turned into an anatomical piece of art. But it still took me a while to get going on it. And when I did, I wasn't happy. Original idea got scrapped because it just wasn't what I had in mind.

So on the day of the deadline I said I'm going to bust ass to make this because the idea was so clear. And after a brutal day {in the gross my garage} I finished it. I have never worked that close to a deadline. And it came out exactly as I wanted it to. A small miracle! Well, I'm not going to post any sneak peeks...but I will say this much, it's 3-D and the only type of paint I used was spray paint. Hmm....hmm.....oh and it's called "At The Heart of it All." {Name of a remix song of NIN}

I'm also happy about this show because my good friend got a piece in that is quite awesome. Will be glad to see this show with her. So yay yay yay, good times to come. I hope you're all doing well. Talk soon!

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Congratulations on getting into another show. :)

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