Monday, July 18, 2011

Eskimo Girl

The next art show I will be a part of is Unfiltered VI. This show focuses on outsider artists but more specifically the self-taught artist. Yup, I am both. And I will have three pieces in this year. The opening reception is August 20th and the show runs until October. I was a part of this show last year and had several pieces in it as well. It was a fun show and I discovered a lot of great artists too.

This year I'm happy to say I got three {figurative} paintings in. And no mixed media pieces for this show either. This is unlike last year where every piece I had was mixed media. And I'm glad about that. See if you would've asked me last year, I would've said I'm primarily a mixed media artist. But this year I've been testing my painting abilities rather than relying on the objects I use. So I wanted to do sneak peeks of these pieces and tell a little about each one.

This sneak peek is of Eskimo Girl. She's on 12 x 12 canvas. I made her at the end of last year when it was brutally cold in Michigan. Originally she had hair instead of the eskimo-looking hood around her face. I don't know why I wasn't happy with that. So I think I just started to swirl the colors around her face. And well, I sorta lied...this piece has a bit of mixed media in it. A little glitter and a little flock. Yes, flock. It's hard to describe...but it adds nice texture if you don't blend it too much. {Google "flock" if you're curious.}

People have looked at this painting in my house and have said they felt cold {or that she looks cold}. Well, that was my intention woo, success! Actually she is my favorite piece of the three. I think a big part of it is because I typically don't use a lot of white paint. So in the end I was really happy that I eased up on the darker colors for a change.

2 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got some pieces into another show and that you're exploring all sorts of different things (like painting and drawing and flock!). :)

So flock as in velvet flocking?

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Wench. Yes, I looked up 'velvet flock' and it's the same type of texture. :)