Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CocoRosie: Gravediggress Live

I have fallen in love very fast with...
And now I just want to consume as much music, videos, etc...on them.
So strange....
I cannot believe I didn't know much about them years ago.
I guess I fell out of the music loop a little.
So much garbage (music) has come out...
and hm, this beautiful gem must've slipped through the cracks somehow. 
But wow, I am so happy that I have discovered them.
It's like finding a lost friend....
who you have a very special connection with...
like you have known them forever when you first meet. 
That's what this particular song/performance made me feel.
And I love it when music + art combine in this way...
CocoRosie has to be seen live to be fully appreciated I think.
I didn't know which album to get first...tough tough decision...
so I went with Grey Oceans
because I love "Lemonade" and "Gallows" so much.
My other faves are the other videos I've posted.
May get the first or most current album next.
Will see!
Take care friends, xox, eve

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