Thursday, January 28, 2016

Getting Reaquainted with Crystal Castles

I started listening to Crystal Castles right about the time they released their 1st CD.  I knew how groundbreaking it was...and it still sounds like nothing I've ever heard before...and that's a GREAT thing.  So lately I've been listening to CC while driving and wow, this band rules!
And their live performances are so good!  Unfortunately Alice Glass is no longer the vocalist but I would still give 'em a chance well because the music is amazing.  I missed out on seeing 'em live.  I forget what exactly happened but I think the show wasn't convienent to go to.  Atleast I'm hoping that's what the reason was because DARN, I would've loved to have seen them LIVE.
But who knows, maybe I will still get the chance to!  Here's hoping!
Enjoy this amazing clip of "Plague" from their last album.

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