Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Drawings, Art Shows, and HP Art Fair

Hello Blogger Friends, it's been a while.  Not too too much ART stuff has been happening lately and I really haven't been in many shows over the past year.  And it was something I didn't realize until recently.  So I wanted to start doing a couple shows again so several months ago I decided to do a show called REJECTED.  The theme was artwork that had been rejected from a previous art show.  I got one piece in called "Stand," which was rejected from a tattoo show called INK.  Rejected was a pretty good show.  My art piece was a painting based off the drawings I do (like the one pictured above), so I was glad to show it.

I have been drawing quite a lot lately.  It's 10 times easier to do than painting and it is far less messy of course.  I've been drawing an image of a woman with a blindfold for quite a while now...maybe 5 years.  She pretty much always has a blindfold as eyes (unless I give her a half mask)...but her body and hair are always changing.  For example in the picture above she has hair that is long but that is actually a raven's face and beak (see it?).  Also she has no arms...I didn't really feel the need for them in this drawing.

So just because I decided to do an art show next month called Corpus Illuminata.  The theme is artwork that is anatomical, biological, or medically themed.  The piece that they selected for this show is a drawing of mine in which a female figure is carrying a fetus.  I have drawn this image before and almost chose to submit the original drawing of it...but I chose to work on a new updated version to see the result.  And I liked the result so I am happy it got chosen for this show.

Also at the end of next month I will be doing an art fair with a friend of mine.  It is called the Hazel Park Fine Art Fair.  I did this show several years ago and I am pretty excited to be doing it again.  I specifically made smaller art for this show (so I could charge less) so I am hoping the fair gets a good turnout.  When I did it the first time the show was very slow...I am thinking it was that way because it was a fairly new art festival.

Hope your summer is going well friends!  Talk to you soon again!

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tracy said...

Hey, I am so happy you started blogging again1 I will never forget my kitty socks! On a more serious note, I so admire you for being an artist, something I could never be, but still Halloween!

I love your blog dear and will keep posting to my fav artist

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Tracy! Happy that you are still reading my Blog :) Thank you!