Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Alice (In Wonderland) Stuff I Have

ONLY at Target, my home away from home. ^_^ It's 'Tea Party In Wonderland'. Aww, even the Cheshire Cat is there. I have this in my Artspace downstairs.

Alice switch plate. Don't know where I want to put this yet...bedroom would prob be the best choice since my room is light blue.

Did you know Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane is also an artist? She designed this awesome set of stationary (some paper, envelopes-I had the pic, I don't know where I put it, darn!, and stickers included). And of course, her art (I don't know if it's everything she does) is called White Rabbit.

Sorry such a crappy pic but it's a very tiny tin case of Enchantmints with old school Alice on the front with the "Eat Me" food. And it says "Curiouser and Curiouser."

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Dracenea said...

Cabbage Patch Kids are adorable!

Love the mints.