Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yesterday at the Mall

Yesterday, I visited Oakland Mall. I went to get my hair cut & dyed and since my sister doesn't live too far from there I went out there just because I was near by (and I needed to go to Victoria's Secret, will post about that later). So the pic above is me trying on a Top Hat at my younger sister's work. No my chin doesn't have that below it, it's the mirror (looking-glass), silly! Don't I look cool!?? ^_^

Oh MY! I really freaked out when I saw this shirt at Hot Topic because 1-I wanted it for a LONG time (but didn't want to pay full price) & 2-It was hard to find it in my size. So when I saw my size & in the clearance section I just had to pick it up. (Felt like a freakin' miracle!) It's probably my favorite Hello Kitty shirt ever...for obvious reasons (skullheads, skullheads, and skullheads!).

So another Yay! THIS awesome shirt was also in with the clearance & in my size. It's a SkeleAnimal shirt with a cute bat on it. And since I wanted to get 2 stamps on my HT frequent buyer card, I decided to buy it.

So when I got up to the register, the girl asked if I wanted to donate $1 to some fund & I'd get a free lil' tote that says Music=Life. I said "What's my total?" And she told me and then said I'll give you 3 stamps on your card if you do it so then said "Sure!" And for some reason, she was in a really good mood & noticed my card only needed only one more stamp before I got my 15% off my next purchase, so she said "I'll give you 4 stamps." So I'm thinking "Sweet!" Usually people are not that nice...and surprisingly Hot Topic had some cool things that day, and on clearance, so it really made my day.

My last purchase came from Borders. Again, surprise surprise that a Hot Topic carried Gothic Beauty magazine (I was gonna buy it there but didn't want to spend too much)...the ones near me suck & have stopped carrying it. So at Borders, they had Gothic Beauty (talks about Day of the Dead, yay!) and this really cool dictionary of medicine. Don't you just love the cover? It was only 4.99 so I thought it'd be a good resource. (FYI: I'm playing a lil' word game with that book, and you can see what I'm doing on my A Black & Blue Sky blog, if you're interested.)

So it was a good day at the mall...was there MUCH longer than expected but that's o.k. because I rarely go to that mall. Spent most of my time in Victoria's Secret, and again I'll be posting that soon because that was my first time both getting help & purchasing something from there...that post will probably more girl related...sorry boys unless you care about bra straps & free underwear. Wait! Maybe you do care, ha ha.
Have a good Thursday everyone!!!

3 Curious people had this to say...:

Dreamwriter said...

Great pic! Looks like you were having fun.

I LOVE HEllo Kitty! Cool shirt! Wonder if I can find it where I live :)

Dracenea said...

Ooh your hair looks darker!

That's the best...finding stuff in the right size that's on clearance.

I have that GB issue. It's another good one. Their next one should be out soon. I'm excited because they're doing another "Cities where it's good to be goth" article.

Demented Wench said...

Love the hat pic!