Sunday, April 19, 2009

Munny Decorating Party @ LIFT

So LIFT (cool toystore & art gallery) in Royal Oak was having a Mini Munny Mobile decorating party FREE of charge. When I say FREE I mean it didn't cost anything to go to the event or anything for the Mini Munny Mobile art toy. Sweet!!! So I didn't know how BIG the Mini Munny Mobile would be and darn, it was actually pretty big (pic you'll soon see).

Unfortunately when I got there (about an hour after it started) the Munny Mobiles were all gone but luckily I still got something (for FREE) to decorate. Here's some of the pics I took from today's event at LIFT.

It was pretty packed. Lots of little kids-darn them for taking all the Mobiles! Actually all kinds of peeps were there from youngsters to adults. I had to wait about a half hour to get a seat so I could decorate what I got.

Oh, what a Munny is, right? Well, it's an art toy & similar to a Dunny (my Dunnys I posted before)...but a Munny is shaped more like a person. And it's blank for you to decorate. You can decorate it however you like. It comes with a marker but people were mostly using paint for the mobiles since they were pretty BIG.

That's the table I sat at-wayyyy in the back but that was fine, I sat with a nice couple. The lady in the pink shirt was an art teacher. She helped everyone get what they needed-paint, markers, glue, fabric, or whatever else they needed to make their Mini Munny Mobile (or other item they were decorating) VERY cool. She was really nice & helpful!

This is the Mini Munny Mobile (came with a Munny too). It's pretty big and in a way I'm kinda glad I wasn't able to get it because...I would've been there for a while decorating it I'm sure. Still, would be cool for my Munny to have some transportation....;}

Sooo...this is what I got. A PINK Munny to work with...since they ran out of the Mobiles. Thought that was really cool of 'em to do. (See my Tim Horton's coffee? ^_^) The piece of paper in front is what you can use to sketch before you get to work on the surface. And I did a little sketching but not too TOO much before using the markers. I don't typically sketch for anything I make.

So I was trying to make a Munny anarchy symbol, you know just put a M in a circle-but in a cool style. A guy who was an artist even helped me on my sketch paper but I f-ed it up. Luckily, I did it on the back so it didn't make my Munny look too weird.
Mike said it looked like I put both an Anarchy symbol and a M combined. I didn't notice that while I was making it. Hm, actually that's kinda cool but I don't think most peeps would see that.

So after I thought the M anarchy symbol bombed, I decided to look for some fabric. And yay, I found this Monopoly money fabric...& then it hit me *lightbulb over Eve's head*
-I'll try to make a Money Munny.

So that's what I did. I would've put a M on the front but I wanted it to show it was about MONEY. I originally had a cellphone as my 'mystery toy,' but I switched with the cool lady in front of me for the bat. That worked better with my Munny & vice versa.

The only color marker I used was black, and a lil' red just for the mouth. I have $ symbols on my Munny and cents symbols on it too. And I glued pieces of the Monopoly money fabric around his head...and tied some around his hands too.

I think he came out good in the end. They even took a picture of mine, and it'll be on their MySpace soon. I'm sure I'll put that here once they post pics. The art teacher liked mine & was glad I used the Monopoly fabric.
Aren't I clever-Munny or Money?!? ;}

Overall, I had a really fun time and for FREE, you can't beat it!

*LIFT has an art show coming up and I'm gonna try my best to attend it. It's called Multiple Personalities. Sounds like some more fun! I'm really digging this store. But after Thursday (when Tara McPherson's toys come out), I don't think I'll be going out there as much. It's a good thing it's not right around the street! Cuz as many of you know I HEART toys!!! Hope you all will have a nice week.~

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Dracenea said...

How frickin' fun!

I can see the whole anarchy/M thing Mike was talking about.

Demented Wench said...

Bibi and the lamb look so cute too!

Diane said...

ooh you did a really good job!

find out more about that so i can get it on my calendar! gotta get babysitter and whatnot!

it'll be fuuuuunnnnn!!!!!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

That's a really fun event and so cool they organised it for free.
And your Munny looks great!