Friday, April 3, 2009

New Music & Concerts Everywhere I Turn

Hi friends. Happy Friday to you all. (Please hit PLAY on the song below as you read.) There hasn't been too much music this winter, as far as new albums or concerts go, from bands that I like & now it's like a flood of both new albums & concerts. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to EVERY concert, I even missed Mindless Self Indulgence when they came around last month (which is rare cuz they're Mike & mine's fave band)!

So concerts coming up that I will be seeing include The Kills on May 8th, it's a Friday & I missed them last time around so it's a MUST. Then later in the month is Fischerspooner on May 31st. A definite must because I've been waiting to see 'em for years. Mike & I pre-ordered tix for this show the day we heard of it...and it so happened to be a concert the same night as NIN. Kinda a bummer but that's o.k. because I've seen NIN 3 times now...and we couldn't do it anyways because we bought Fischerspooner tix. Other bands coming to town that I'll have to miss this time around include VAST in May and also one of my fave bands live, Gogol Bordello. We simply can't go to all because of $$$ and Mike works some of these days too as do I. Oh to be rich & not needing a job! ^_^

So there's albums that are out and coming out too. One includes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new one called It's Blitz. That came out this week. It's really great and I'm including my fave song at the bottom, though it's not a video, just the song, sorry! Fischerspooner's new album Entertainment comes out sometime in May and I wonder if Gogol or The Kills will have something new too since they're touring. Oh & KMFDM has an album that just came out called Blitz also...yeah, two CD's with that name in the title, kinda interesting. Mike has yet to get that one but I'm really curious to hear it because Skold did some of the production/programming.

So yeah, lots & lots of stuff coming out since last week through June...and I'm probably forgetting something too! O.K. hope you enjoyed the song at the bottom (Did you really hit PLAY?, ha ha.). I'd say that the new YYY album just might be the CD of the summer from the bouncy & fun sound of it. To hear more of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs please click HERE. Take care & happy weekend!~

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Diane said...

love seeing shows in the summertime. i can't wait. maybe you can meet up with me one night for one of rik's band's shows. i'll send you their myspace link. you'd like and the scene is fun even though everybody acts like me and rik are their parents cuz we're all old and stuff. haha

Anonymous said...

song is awesome...i might just have to get it :)