Friday, April 3, 2009

The Informers

Mike showed me this preview yesterday & I'm very excited to see this now. It's called The Informers and was written by the same author of American Psycho, later a film starring the Batman, Christian Bale. The Informers, based off a collection of linked short stories by Bret Easton Ellis, seems like it's going to be great for many reasons. 1-It's set in the early 1980's, I LOVE lots of films that take place in that decade. 2-I love tons of the new wave music from that decade & there will be plenty of it in this film. 3-The cast is amazing. You got Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, Rhys Ifans, Lou Taylor Pucci, Brad Renfro (RIP)-this was his final film, and HELL YEAH, Winona Ryder! I've been waiting to see her comeback & this might be it...she's definitely one of my fave actresses of all-time. And 4-How can you beat a tagline like this?!?
Greed is good. Sex is easy. Youth is forever.

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Anonymous said...

luvin' the music and the movie looks interesting.....


Jennylee said...

looks pretty good