Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday, what a long week!

It was a very long week for me and I don't know why since Monday was a holiday. I think it was because it has been soooooooo slow at work the past few days I was there. Still feels like we're on break though it's the beginning of the Summer Semester. I mean I have no idea what to do at a certain point...I get computer-ed out, I can't blog either, and we aren't allowed to read. Yes, that's right I can't READ a book in front of patrons/students but I can look online...and browse & even BUY stuff and they don't care. Makes sense, right?

I had just bought stampers and decided to test 'em out...maybe I can make my art & stuff like that there. :) Well, probably not but I did make Dracenea a small card stamped because I literally was B-O-R-E-D beyond belief. Minutes were feeling like...hours....hours like...days!

Woweeee, snail mail is super fast here in Michigan these days. I just sent Diane something and I sent Boyd his prize pack from the Goth giveaway and they got 'em the day after I sent them. Pretty fast. Oh and Boyd did a really sweet & cool post ALL about what I sent him. Check it out HERE if you'd like to take a peek. Very nice of him. And I'm always VERY happy when someone else is grateful & happy from the gifts that I give 'em-yay!!!

Well, this will be all for now. Have to get ready and all that stuff 'cause I have an appointment soon. Turning in all that darn Medicaid paperwork. I have to get there a lil' early to talk to the lady who handles that stuff to make sure I did everything right. Just can't wait until it's out of my hands for good!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and here's a song from what Boyd is talking about...and what I also sent Diane. {I wasn't sure when to blog about it because I'm still tweaking some things-not the songs, just the 'art' I send with it.} Basically, it's a compilation of songs I like from 2009, so far. Most of the artists I've talked about either on this blog or my Goth blog. So if you'd like one, PLEASE email me & gimme your address. Um yes, it's a kinda a pirate thing (as Boyd says), so ssshhh...well, not really because I'm not selling it. OK, gotta run...I mean walk fast...I mean slowly move to make my bed. ;}

6 Curious people had this to say...:

Diane said...

AAARRRRRRRRRRR! i don't mind being a pirate at all! hehehe!

i have music to listen to for days!!!

i'm gonna do a post about what you sent me too, as soon as i get a chance to take pics and whatnot. whoo hoo! i GOTTA show off that ridiculously awesome charm for sure!! and maybe do a little music review.

your work's policies are rather odd if you ask me. but you actually have (at least what seems like) a cool job.

Eve Noir said...

Diane- Ahoy Matey! ^_^

Cool. I'm anxious to see what you'd say. I hope you like the music...overall. :)

Yeah, work is weird about certain things but yes it's a pretty cool job and most my co-workers are really great people!
Take care~

Diane said...

ahoy matey! lmao!


Sullivan McPig said...

Glad you made it throuh the week. Mine was long, tiring, boring and busy. Everyone in the whole company is complaining they got nothing to do and I'm swamped in work.
Have a good weekend!

Eve Noir said...

Sullivan- Thanks. Yeah, that 'tired bug' still hasn't left yet. Maybe after this weekend since I'm going to a concert Sunday night.

You have a good one too! And try to catch up on your sleep. ^_^

Dracenea said...

Thanks for making me a card, sweet lady! I'll let ya' know when I get it.

Good luck again with the Medicaid stuff!