Friday, May 29, 2009


...we are getting a new cable & internet provider. Which means we have to move so much crap. I'm REALLY not looking forward to moving my entertainment center in my bedroom. We JUST put it up several weeks ago (Joe gave us his when he left). All my Dunnys are there (all nicely placed & everything) as well as stuff I just don't want to move. Sooooo not looking forward to this.

But I hope it's worth it...meaning: hoping the service will be good and that both the cable and internet will work the same as before. Because right now it's really good-super fast & only acts up once in a while. The new service sounds like it'll be a good thing though. One thing is really cool-we can tape something in one room & then watch it in any room in the house. Well, that only other room w/a tv would be the bedroom, but still, that's great!

AND we're getting a whole bunch of weird channels that I can't wait to check out. And looks like some good (normal) ones too. But NO MORE HBO, which is good in some ways because we rarely watch it...and it costs a freakin' fortune (that's part of the reason to why we're changing). Bad that about not having HBO is I'll be missing my shows that include: Big Love, True Blood, and Flight of the Conchords (if they do another season). There's probably another show or 2 I just can't think of at the moment. But I can always rent 'em once they come on DVD. So that's good!

OK, almost done. I might be chatting with you tomorrow. And here's hoping everything will work out w/the moving of crap & getting the new service! OMG, 3 posts on here, as well as one on GOTH blog is enough for a single day! You'd think I wasn't doing anything but writing but no, I actually had a long appointment, went some places, and well, 'browsed' online too. And I finally checked my FaceBook account too...hadn't been on there for days. Not that it matters much. I don't think it's really as great as people led me to believe. Opinions?....Agree/disagree??? Well, farewell for now friends.~

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Diane said...

i would say facebook is pretty useless except that it's how my uncle was able to get in touch with me to invite us out to his bbq last weekend. other than that... bleeh.

i hate moving things around too!!!!!! if you could see my art/computer area right now. reading your post just reminded me of the work i should be getting done around here!!

Eve Noir said...

Diane- Oh, I don't know. I'm sure we're pretty even when it comes to our computer/art areas! I was just down in my dungeon (aka: basement aka: art area) & THAT needs to get organized BIG time! ;}

Yay, now get to work lady! Ha ha. ^_^

cindy said...

facebook is completely useless. i'm just so played out on the whole facebook/myspace thing...blargh.

i don't really bother to update it or anything since I can't really be bothered anymore...

good luck moving things around! :)