Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Very endangered series of Dunnys :(

Hi friends. I'm at work. I have 30 minutes left to go of my shift at the library. I can write to you from work (via my email account, which I know I've told you before). Are you tired of me saying that yet? I'm writing thru email cuz Blogger-making/editing posts& leaving comments-is blocked, sadly. :( But then again lots of things are blocked for us workers, but the public/students can access pretty much anything in the open computer area aka: back computers. Makes a lot of sense right? I feel that writing on my blog is the same as writing an email (it isn't doing any harm, imo). Hey, that's what I'm doing right NOW-writing an email that secretly is a blog post...so ssshhhh. ^_^

Anyways I'm very upset about something. It's not the end of the world, just something that ticks me off about one of my newest loves-Dunnys (art toys). Well, I just found out about the newest series of Dunnys this morning, called the Endangered Series. They are all animals...or atleast they all pretty much look like some sort of animal. I posted a short lil' video. First time I heard a word on the newest series. Well, I looked online for a little while here at work, saw 'em & of course I wanted a few.

So I just had to call my new fave toy store, LIFT in Royal Oak, and woe is me-they are completely sold out. And not just at their store, everywhere! Including ONLINE...bla! And they'll prob go for wayyyy too much on Ebay or wherever so I doubt I'm going to get any. I know I need to save money but they only come out with 2-3 series a year. Which really isn't a lot. And I never try to get ALL 13 (or so) Dunnys for each series. That would be crazy & cost a ton considering they are blind-boxed (you won't know what you get til you open the foil wrapper).

So what's the real deal with this series? Well, those mean Dunny people decided to make this an exclusive series. Think this is the first of that. Meaning, they sold out the day they came out. What kinda crap is that? I mean c'mon already! I was already bummed that KidRobot (who makes Dunny and other sweet art toys) made the Tara McPherson art toys so teeny tiny. Maybe she decided...I really don't know for sure. But they were much smaller than a Dunny. And a Dunny isn't that big at all! I wish I would've only bought one Tara toy cuz it was ridiculous (both because of the size and chances of getting a really good one-chances were slim with most, totally sucked!).

Sorry just needed to rant because I hope this doesn't become a regular thing. I just got into Dunnys within the past year or so...so OF COURSE I'm still digging 'em. Oh well....what can ya do? (*Eve daydreaming of getting the cute pig Dunny or the horse one*) {*Eve thinking one of my followers will send me one because they know those toys are my drug*).......;)

OK, it's 4 PM and I'm about ready to leave here...but before I do, I think I'll hit SEND and then go to the porn-infested patron/student computers in the back to put up this post now. Yeah, peeps are bad...but not all the time luckily. They usually are on FaceBook these days...that seems to be the BIG thing here right now. Adios!~

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Dracenea said...

I like the fox the best!

Yep, the word on the street is that they were going to go like hotcakes and they did. Apparently people are selling them open boxed on Ebay for at least double the normal price. Some are a lot more of course and I think the prices will only go up as time goes by.

Diane said...

i dont like the idea of them being blind boxed. i'd want to pick!!

if i could send you one i sooooo would! it's the thought that counts right?

Eve Noir said...

Diane- Awww, yes it IS the thought! Send me the LION one. Completely forgot about him-I bet he's the hardest to get cuz of his hair.

Which one do you want?...if any...cuz HERE (hands Diane the Dunny she'd like the most). Do you like my gift? :)

FYI: Some stores (online ones) sell ones that aren't blind-boxed. I've gotten a few this way...just for a couple more dollars for each one but worth it (to me). But the HARD ones to get were usually not up on these store sites to purchase & if they were you don't even wanna know how much they were asking for!!!

Dunnys cost 8.95 each. So even if you pay 10.95 for one, it isn't too bad IF it's the one you REALLY want. But sometimes it's funky cuz I bought a PIRATE (Pink Girl) Dunny before...then I ordered a blind-boxed later & got HER. What are the odds of that!?? So yeah, it's hit or miss sometimes.

Speaking of LIFT, when are we gonna go to RO???? Hm....

Eve Noir said...

Dracenea- Yes, the fox is really cool! I like that one lots after I did an extreme close up of 'em all.

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, kinda expected that crap. Oh well, I'm fine cuz I got my print today...got my print today...signed by Jasmine. So awesome. OK, I sound like a kid but YAY I love her art! And her ALICE stuff rules!

Dracenea said...

Yay you got your print! Have you seen this one? :)


Eve Noir said...

Dracenea- Yes, I have. It's a nice one too. Love the way she did the skulls & the girl is very pretty too.

Sullivan McPig said...

*jumps up and down in excitement* Ooooh!! That pig is sooo cool!! He has a chainsaw!!! *runs off to check Ebay*