Monday, June 8, 2009

ART: Progress, In Progress, & Things to come (Part 2)

Hi friends. What you will see below is work I made/changed/or I am in the process of making still (ALL for my Etsy shop, which will be coming soon). I did most of these this weekend. Oh & there's a sneak peek (not revealing TOO much) at the bottom, showing what the WINNER of the Giveaway (which the date has changed, please note) will receive as a's a piece of handmade art from me-sorry, it's not going to be a box. :( But I think whomever wins, will like this too. Take care & enjoy your Monday friends.~

Gray/pink/blue-ish glitter box with embellishments added now.

Hand mirror with white paint, blue glitter, and jewel added.

Blue glitter box with white paint & blue glitter added to half of the lid.

Small box (remember the one I was REALLY unhappy with?'s THAT one!).
With embellishments added.

Inside the above box...Alice pic & mirrors.

Mixed media collage in photo frame.
Titled "The Birthday Girl."

Detail of "The Birthday Girl."

"Alice Trouble"...mixed media on wood.

Detail of "Alice Trouble."

Box in progress....white paint on top of lid with red, white, and blue sparkle stars.

The SNEAK PEEK is below...

Please place a guess by Tuesday night...I will announce the winner either that night or the following day. Thanks & take care.~

6 Curious people had this to say...:

cindy said...

everything looks really great! I really like that alice "trouble" piece. :)

Eve Noir said...

CINDY- Thanks! Yeah, and that one is the biggest too...and heaviest (cuz of the type of wood). ;}

Sullivan McPig said...

Everything looks really beautiful! I think I like the hand mirror the best, it's so pretty.

Eve Noir said...

SULLIVAN- Thanks. So you like the mirror, hm? Cool...wasn't sure if anyone would like it the same way I do! ;}

The Frog Queen said...

Looking lovely and sparkly. I like that. Thanks for sharing.


Diane said...

very nice work!!! i can't pick a favorite!

do you have a target date for when you might be opening your shop?

omg i just said "target" and "shop"! your two fave words!

also, i got some mail from you today! *BIG SMILE* my 2 fave things are - #1 the photo of you! and #2 my death certificate!