Saturday, June 6, 2009

Goodbye to...

...FaceBook & Twitter. I deleted both of my accounts there over the past few days. WOO HOOOO, the freedom, ha ha!!! Let's see, I have a MySpace, I visit Hello Kitty Junkies once in a while, I have my art on display at, I have way toooo many email accounts (but I have just ONE I mostly use), I have 3 Blogs, and I may be opening an Etsy shop soon. So too much is just wayyyy too much these days!

I really only did FaceBook because 2 of my closest friends were like "It's better than MySpace, you'll love it...we'll keep in touch...bla bla blahhh." Well, one, Jennylee, who insisted that I keep it, is on but not much...or atleast when I'm on. Then my other close friend has NEVER been on...atleast we've never chatted through it. So what's the point!?? And most the people who were my 'friends' on FaceBook were mostly people from high school that I really didn't want to chat to TO begin with.

Then Twitter. Oh TWITTER, what IS your point? I have to say I honestly did it out of curiosity AND because it's the only thing like a MySpace or FaceBook or whatever...that is NOT blocked at my work. So I would just write random stuff on there and see what my 'friends' were saying too. But I think Twitter is one of the most pointless things...EVER. The more friends, the worse! Great you are in your living room...lovely you are at the exciting you are waiting in line! I just don't get it!!! My one friend, who's a guy, thinks it's the greatest thing ever. I didn't even question him because I despise it so much. And I was just thinking Oh, I just don't want to get into it!...Since he was thinking it was SO AWESOME for some reason that I just could not comprehend.

I just don't understand how anyone (from bands to artists to us regular folks) can & do have soooo many 'online homes.' Guess what my FAVORITE online home is? Hm.........

Well, it's HERE (on Blogger) of course!

I LOVE it here and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. YOU guys are my peeps! ^_^ I love to meet new with my fellow followers/blog find out about NEW things/things I never knew existed or paid much attention to before (through others postings)...etc...etc...etc... So WHY should I open a bazillion accounts to maybe get the chance the chat with a couple of friends when I can simply pick up the phone & call them? Or email 'em...but I prefer calling them honestly......can you tell why???....cuz my emails are a bit long, yikes! :)

I really just like MySpace for updates on 2 things-some of my fave bands & some of my fave artists. It keeps me up to date with CD releases and concerts and also when artists have new art/toys coming out. Otherwise I prob wouldn't use it.

So really what more do people need with several different online places!?! And to be writing the same exact thing on each site-MS, FB, Twitter. Example: my sister will write "I'm at work, I am having a bad day...etc...," (or something like that) on ALL these things. I'm just thinking "OK, what the hell!? What is the point of these things?!"

OK, rant almost over. Just got a question...

Your feelings on all the MySpaces...FaceBooks....LiveJournals...and ugh, Twitters??? Good or making us robots???
....who can't even call or worse go & visit your family & friends! Isn't it a dirty shame!??~

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cindy said...

i totally agree. and i really love having my blog because i can REALLY share what is going on in my life. it's a much better medium than a 20 word (or less) update on my facebook or twitter.

i am thinking of getting rid of my myspace though nobody is on there anymore. facebook i will have to keep since my college buddies are there, but other than that, i don't really bother with it anymore...

Diane said...

i read that some guy got robbed because he tweeted that he was on vacation.

and i heard on the radio that some lady saw an accident, her cell battery was almost dead so she tweeted instead of calling 911 and the person got immediate assistance.

so... i guess it's up in the air!! hahaha

i've personally been thinking about quitting twitter because i havent tweeted in like 2 weeks or something. and i pretty much think it sucks.

i'm with you - besides blogs and myspace, i'm good.

ashley, :) said...

MySpace is quite addicting for me... haha. Yet Facebook bores me most of the time, sadly. All I use it for is like, quizzes and things like that when I can still do that on MySpace.

I don't believe that you're on my MySpace, you should totally add me. ^_^


Luna DePassion said...

If you weren't happy with stuff its always best to let it goooooooooooo. Have fun sweets!

Sullivan McPig said...

Glad you like being here because it's where i like to be the most too :-)

Dracenea said...

Well, you know how I feel about it all. :)

I keep my MySpace mainly for certain friends and to listen to music.

Personally, I prefer to keep in touch with people through email because I can get to it when I have time and I can do other things while "talking" online. I feel tied down a bit when I'm talking on the phone. Do you feel like that ever?