Monday, June 15, 2009

Carnival Pics: Part 2 of 2

The pics below will conclude my visit to the carnival in my local mall's parking lot. Strange, they didn't have a Ferris Wheel...the pic below is the Ring of Fire actually. I don't think I would've went on the Wheel anyways...BUT I wanted to play a game or two (but it ended at 10pm & I got there right before 10, sad!).

Ok, the game is where the money/tokens fall down & you push 'em with your tokens to get 'em to fall....(whatever that game is called...though you NEVER win!) But then again, what carnival games do you ever win? You end up spending 40 bucks on like a 5 dollar (or less) stuffed animal, right?....but it's fun to do every once in a while.

But I wanted to say this: The funniest thing I saw near the Carnival happened a day or two before the Carnival started. I was driving through the mall parking lot & saw about five 16-20 something 'alternative' looking girls gathered around a tree. And the girl in the middle had pink hair and was playing an acoustic guitar.

It was an interesting thing to see...kinda funny to see 'em out in the parking lot in one of those spaces that has a lil' bit of grass with a tree. I was tempted to stop and take a listen...but I had bargains to find (ha ha...well, in the end I thought it'd be kinda odd for me to get out of my car & chat with 'em)!!! OK, I'll let ya look at the pics now. I think these ones are my BETTER shots...didn't plan it that way either. ;} Enjoy.~

Oh & as usual, please click on any image below to see it larger. ^_^

There they are ROXY-funnel cakes! I must not have been to a carnival in forever cuz I don't ever remember seeing 'em...unless I was so into getting my Elephant Ear. Which I didn't get....I had to get a corn dog. For some reason they taste VERY good at the carnival...anywhere else, I doubt they be as good. ;}

OK, this is the very creepy department store that is out of business (and has been for a while) at my mall. The Carnival took place in front of it. It used to be a Value City & before that a Crowleys. And it always looks creepy if you ask me. I remember one day during the dead of winter seeing snow fall off the top of that building and it was very VERY cool but creepy looking. I wanted to take a pic but I don't think my cellphone could've captured it very well. I always remember was quite an interesting sight to see!

Good thing about this Carnival was that since it was in front of that out of business department store, there was LOTS of parking. Where at some Carnivals you gotta park a million miles away. I think I took this shot as I was about to get in my car.
Bye Carnival...they were just packing up the rest of the stuff today. I hope you come back to Macomb Mall next year...and bring the Ferris Wheel so I can get some shots of it!!!
Take care friends.~

5 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

great pictures! I am going to the state fair this year, I always get good pics there! I cannot wait!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks! Can you believe it, I've never been to a state fair before!?? I hope you have fun when you go...and you should post your pics too! That would be cool. :)

Cindy said...

these pics make me so happy! carnivals...wheeee!!!!!! :D

Diane said...

cool pics!!

i'm going to confess something here - i am TERRIFIED of ferris wheels! and i'm really not scared of too much. i can go on a roller coaster all day. but no ferris wheels, thanks! *cringe*

isnt it weird how hot dogs, corn dogs, etc taste sooo good at the fair or a baseball game? what's up with that i wonder?

Anonymous said...

great pictures.yay you found the funnel cakes!!! i haven't had one in ages and now i hope we get a carnival around here soon :)