Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Cellphone Pics: Part 3 of Lots o' Random Stuff

I HEART this lil' creature SO much from Nightmare.
@ my new fave store...LIFT in Royal Oak.
I have a small plushie of well as several lil' figures....
from over the years.

After I uploaded this picture I noticed it's PHOTO number on my cellphone.
Any guesses to what it is?
Yeah it's PHOTO 0666.
Nice, hm....
I thought so. ;}

Street art found in Royal Oak.

Awww, this lil' guy is up on display at Michaels. I want him...:(
Can someone please make me one?
I not very good with fabrics...and yarn...
and that kinda stuff.
Would love to be...but woe is me. :)

I've been putting off getting these KEYS because of their price.
I'm sure they are worth it but DARN, 9.99 is a lot for ONE item at the craft store for me. (Well, when you get a lot of lil' things- like glue, paper, paint, etc-at once, like I've been doing lately, 9.99 seems like A TON!)
But again, they are really nice looking!....

So I will prob get 'em with a coupon &...
this week I have 2 (from Michaels)...
and they are for 50% off a regular priced item.
So I'll be cool paying the 4.99!

You can make your very own skelly or squelette.
Is that the French word for it? I like it!

And he was on display too.
I would want mine painted though. :)

It's the....
Found at Target.
Not a bad price...

My dad has an old old jukebox in his garage...
and I've always wanted it for here.
But it's gonna be a b*tch getting it into our basement.
Those things were not made out of light stuff!
He's threatening to throw it out....

CVS Pharmacy, are you hiring JUST anyone?
Cuz I think that's a fake name...
No, I just think it's freakin' hilarious.

Me: "Hi, can I talk to the pharmacist?"
Employee: "Sure, let me go get SHINY for you."
"Well, Shiny George of course!....
He's the best pharmacist around!"
Oh, and there's an ANNS too, not ANN, ANNS...wha''''?!?

Oooo, pretty bottles.

This sounds like a drink you don't want to touch.
Unless Lolita means something else in Mexico. Hmmm....curious.

Packaging oh packaging, you are so artsy sometimes!??
I wouldn't drink you...I'll just look. ;}

The names they come up with.
I'd rather have a XXX rated please!

YES, there is still more to come. OMG, are you sick of these yet!??!
I was on a roll for a couple weeks.
But I gotta ease it up or I'm gonna take up ALL my pic space & I got 3 blogs so sadly these kinda posts won't last forever....:(...I guess unless I start a whole other blog just dedicated to my pics. Wait! OH NO, I wouldn't do that!!! That would be BLOG #4. And then I would never! Don't worry, it's not gonna happen.
Adios for now my friends.~

8 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

The X rated bottle is currently in my refrig. no lie! That is sooo funny! Also that little crochet guy that you like....I can make him out of felt for you...but i cannot crochet. I have tried to for years now but I cannot seem to do it! Awesome pics as always!

Diane said...


check out this instead:|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

i just did a search on ebay 'skeleton keys'.

haha this post was FIVE pages on my blackberry!

you should totally go snatch up that jukebox before your dad trashes it!!

Eve Noir said...

Queen- Ha ha, that is funny! :} Hm, I wonder how he'd look out of felt. oh & THANKS too!

Diane- Yeah, but they're up to 8 bucks & then there's shipping, etc...Thank you for the post though. And the ones I want have words on 'em. Yeah, you're right, I should really get that big ol' thing from my parents house!

Sullivan McPig said...

Great pics!
The street art snail/slug is so cool! And I love the beastie on the first pic.
The carnival pictures in your other post are really beautiful too.

cindy said...

I love these random pictures!

And I wish I was good with fabric and yarn too, but I'm not. I really should teach myself or something, but I just never find the time!

Eve Noir said...

btw DIANE- Bad Blackberry, BAD! ;}

CINDY- Thanks. And yeah, I know what ya mean. I want to learn how to make tote bags (JoAnns offers a class) but then I'd have a BAZILLION to add to my trillion of 'em already.

I guess they could make nice gifts...or something to be sold in my ETSY shop...

The Queen of Clearance said...

Look at your followers!!! I finally figured out how to change my picture!! That was driving me nuts!

Eve Noir said...

QUEEN- Yay!!! But now my follower count went down, wth! I've have to check if someone left BUT I am so glad your pic is finally up!!! :}