Monday, June 1, 2009

Fischerspooner LIVE in Detroit last night

Last night I saw Fischerspooner LIVE.
And only one word can describe the experience...

I took more pictures than I thought but I'm really glad I did. So instead of posting ALL of 'em here, which I'd love to but Flickr is a much more easier place, I invite you all to check out my live pics on my Flickr account. My Fischerspooner live pictures can be found HERE. I recommend checking 'em out as a slideshow because they go in order. And because I think it shows the experience from start to finish better.

I didn't think Mike and would get such great spots-front row, to the left side. Mainly because we were 2 hours late (bad Eve, I know!)...& we missed the first opener...and half of the 2nd opener but that wasn't too big of a deal. These photos are Probably because there was SOOO much movement and so many lights going on. I don't think they're bad, I actually think they look cooler because of those factors.
But take a look and let me know what ya think.

Below are a couple pictures that I took at my show. And at the very bottom is a YouTube live clip of Fischerspooner on May 7th in NYC. This is pretty much the same thing I saw last night. Enjoy the clip as well as my pics, if you dare to take a peek!

Oh, and good Monday to you all!!!

They used these mirrors throughout the night.
And you know I love me some mirrors, aka: looking-glasses!

O.K. They have technical difficulties less than 1/2 way into the song....but please keep watching. They get back on track very don't want to miss the really cool dancers in their yellow tutus, now do you!??!

8 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

Glad to hear you had a great time!

Dracenea said...

How on earth were you 2 hours late?! You weren't "window shopping" were you? Hmm? :)

Dracenea said...

PS: I saw the pic you told me about.

Great pics!

Eve Noir said...

Sullivan- ^_^

Dracenea- It worked out fine being that late...maybe in the future it would work out differently, but YAY that it was not a bad thing. NO, I can swear I wasn't window shopping! ;}

Diane said...

uh huh, you totally WERE window shopping, i just know it! lol

cool pics and i'm glad you had fun!

Eve Noir said...

Diane- Thanks for looking at my pics. No, I wasn't window shopping...I have a really bad excuse though...

I was REALLY tired & I layed down for what I thought was a lil' bit...& Mike didn't want to wake me (we didn't want to be there exactly at 7 PM but still we were LATE!). So by the time we got there it was 9 PM-swear to blog! ^_^

Anonymous said...

looks like a great concert! you could say you were just in time for the concert LOL i mean you didn't miss the best part right?!


Eve Noir said...

Roxy- Yeah, we got there 1/2 way thru the second opener, and then people started to leave (what? why?!!) we got to the front row. Yes, didn't miss anything! Except opener one & some of opener 2. It was such an awesome thing to experience!