Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's date is....interesting

I was hanging out with my good friend Jenny this afternoon and she pointed something out that I didn't even realize until she said something. It's about today's date...which is 6-1-9. (or '09, but for these purposes, it's just a 9...because well, we aren't into the double digits yet, right??!??)

So grab a pen/pencil & piece of scrap paper.

Got 'em?

Now, write today's date aka: the numbers, 6-1-9 down on the paper.
And don't forget to do it the same way I have typed/wrote 'em. 6-1-9

Did you do it, yet?.................

O.k. now flip the paper upside down.

Did you do it?..............
Yay, good job!

Very interesting, right???
Hm, the only other time that THAT sorta thing is gonna happen again is actually a day coming up soon.
That day is 6-11-9. Same thing applies (above) but I won't talk about it that day. Another unique day that's coming up this year is 09-09-09. My friend JUNO is actually getting married on that day...or atleast that's her tentative date.

Any interesting number stuff you would like to share, my curious friends? Hm, the only thing I can think of (for myself) is that I was born in '79...and then graduated in '97. Ooo, and I really like 10-10-10...which is a while from now, October of next year. I hope something cool will happen that day! If not, I'll have to MAKE it happen. ;}

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with numbers but I find 'em interesting on days like today. Now time for you to think about #########'s! <>_<> Is your thinking cap on yet!??! OK, go!!!

I hope you all will enjoy the rest of your day. Oh and I have my Fischerspooner concert post below THIS entry. I had a really good spot, was able to get some great shots and had such a wonderful time. Check it out if you already haven't. Thanks.

Oh & I'd like to thank Jenny for making me think about #'s too. She won't be online for a while though (her computer broke, sorry Jenny!)....because she finds #'s interesting too! Alright, adios for now.~

9 Curious people had this to say...:

Dracenea said...

I think one of my aunt's is really into numerology.

I hate numbers even though I was an accountant for awhile there. :)

When I'm working, I'm constantly thinking of numbers. How much dough to prep, how much change to give, etc. Bleh!

Eve Noir said...

Dracenea- Really? You hate numbers? I don't hate 'em...but I don't like working with money. Even though it's not THAT big of a part of my current job, I don't like dealing with $$$. Weird although I was a cashier for ALL of my past jobs. Hm, maybe that's why!??...

Diane said...

math always gave me a panic attack.

esp algebra. like, i just don't get math that involves letters!!!

but i do think this sort of stuff is interesting.

i always make a wish when it's 11:11. i know that's silly. but, whatev.

Eve Noir said...

Diane- I HATE math. That's one of the few things I don't feel bad about saying the word "HATE" for. I always struggled with math...and um, dropped Algebra twice in college. Sssshhhh. But I made it past Algebra II in High School-I have no clue how! Math in college is hard!!!

I hate those numbers & letters mixed together. I think I'm going to the grave with barely any math knowledge & I'm fine with that. I think things like ALGEBRA/GEOMETRY/TRIG are pointless to learn...especially for US artists, right!?? ^_^

Ha ha...I always think something is up when it's 12:12. Maybe it's because that was my locker # all thru High School. Funny!

Anonymous said...

i am in with the math haters too. i had to take college algebra toomany times....but numbers are interesting and this blog you posted has gotten my brain in gear LOL

p.s. i've been posting anonymous and forgotten to put my name but i assume you know its me :)

Dracenea said...

Well now that we're admitting things we think about certain numbers, I have a confession to make. I am slightly OCD...not enough that anyone would probably notice. If at all humanly possible, I only get out of bed when the clock is on an even number or a 10:35 or 10:36 but not 10:37. Weird, I know. I have gotten out of bed on an odd number when I was late for something and nothing horrible happened. It's just one of those irrational things. :)

Eve Noir said...

Roxy- I figured it was you. It's ok (THIS time...hee hee)...just put ROXY in the future so I know for sure! Thanks girlie!

Dracenea- Hm, interesting. I'm not OCD with numbers but w/a few other things...but not to the point (like you said) it's really noticeable. AND definitely not as bad as the people we watched on OBSESSED last night. That is really REALLY bad.

Dracenea said...

Yeah, those people last night had it BAD!

Most of my OCD stuff is rechecking things. Like turning off a light and I know it's off but I have to touch the lightswitch again. Or knowing I put something in my purse but I need to see it again. Weird stuff that no one would really notice. At least I don't think they would!

Eve Noir said...

Dracenea- Oh my we could go on & on about it here! Ha ha. Well, I prob wash/use sanitizer a lot. But I mainly do it when I'm at the library because those books/stuff there is so OLD-it just feels like gross dust on my hands.

Yeah, I check my purse all the time to make sure my cellphone is in there-when I put it in there. Otherwise I'm ok if I put it in my pants pocket.

OOOOHHH, and the fact that I simply CAN NOT throw anything out. But I don't know if that's OCD...Mike's the same way. Geez, you can only imagine our house!

But I did reorganize the computer stand the other day. Yay for more LDD's up, and I got Mike to get rid of old lil' papers that just are laying around EVERYWHERE. I tell him to write his passwords, a notebook {that's what I do}. I didn't realize how nice it looks (kinda) in not so much chaos!

OK, we should stop with the OCD stuff. Peeps are probably like EVE & that girl are crazy...just kidding! >_<