Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last chance to take a guess....

....for my giveaway. I may announce the winner tonight. So please check back later, that is, if you'd like. And if I don't make the announcement tonight, then it'll be up tomorrow. I hope you're all VERY curious. ;} I also hope you all have a lovely day. I'll be at work for a lil' while today. And I'll see if I got anymore guesses when I get home later. Remember, you must be a follower & also live in the US to play. Thanks to all who have participated so far.

Off subject-There's a carnival coming near my town. They're getting set up for the weekend (in the mall parking lot, first time that has happened!). Just found out yesterday. I don't really like carnivals for rides or anything...maybe I'd go on the Ferris Wheel but that's usually about it...oh or the slide, woo hooooo. And I think they have yummy food too sometimes, oooo Elephant Ears!

Anyhow, what I do like about carnivals is...well, just the atmosphere (minus the sometimes gross carnies). I want to take some pics....mainly in the dark cuz I like the lights & all that stuff at night. K, that will (hopefully) be a post coming at a later time. Just wanted to give ya a lil' FYI. Adios for now.~

Your Very Curious Author,
~Miss Eve
"Curiouser & Curiouser" Noir

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cindy said...

i know what you mean about the carnival experience...its not necessarily the rides or anything, but the entire atmosphere. i think it has something to do with the fact that carnivals are something that have been part of our history for a very long time and they really haven't changed at all like most things have.

i have no doubt that you'll get some lovely pics!

Eve Noir said...

CINDY- Yes, you are exactly right. I think that IS why I find them so fascinating. Never really thought about it like that before, so true!

Thanks, I hope so also. :}

Sullivan McPig said...

I think carnivals must be different over where you live compared to over here. I wonder if they're like what you see in movies, if they are then it must be really great to go to them for the atmosphere.

Anyway: BirthdayGirl turned out really beautiful. Great job once again!

Anonymous said...

and yeah i am sure you will get awesome pics, my fav is always the games you can never win a prize LOL


Eve Noir said...

SULLIVAN- Thanks! ^_^

Well, the carnivals arent't prob exactly what you see on TV...I just like the lights & the crazy names of rides, etc... Guess you'll see when I post some pics!

ROXY- Oh my I don't know what you mean by funnel cake? That's at the carnivals?

(Crosses fingers hoping to get good pics!)

Diane said...

ferris wheels scare the complete crap outta me!

carnival pics sound cool!

Dracenea said...

I love the atmosphere of a carnival at night. OMG I haven't had an elephant ear in FOREVER! Have one for me!

Just read Roxy's comment. Yep, you can usually get a funnel cake at a carnival/fair. Delish!

Oh and I'm with Diane...ferris wheel's are scary!