Friday, June 5, 2009

The man who raised Mike's grandfather...

{The above picture was 'taken' from PhotoBucket.
And I honestly don't know what kinda planes they are,
but it said WWI planes!}

...was a pilot in World War I. I'll get to him in just a moment.

You see, Mike's mom barely helped us clean out this house (which the grandfather lived in) when we were moving in...and I happened to find some really cool old OLD photos. I didn't tell her at first. Mainly because I was upset that Mike, Joe (former roomie), and I had to put most of Grandpa's belongings in bags to throw away...or if we assumed it was "good stuff to keep," we put it to the side and later gave it to her.

Yeah, we had no clue sometimes if something was either valuable or was anything that meant something to Mike's family. A few things we found that were keepers for sure was Mike's mom's wedding dress (why it was here I don't know), tons of photo albums, and Mike's grandfather's medals from WWII. So we gave those to Mike's mom-the grandpa's daughter.

Call me selfish but I didn't want to give these (the 2 photos you'll see below) to her because I don't have anything this OLD & cool! Bad EVE I know. >_< But I told her soon enough and she didn't mind at all that I had the 2 photos and that I really wanted to keep 'em. Mike told her I would take good care of 'em and wanted to frame atleast one of 'em. Which is...

...this one. Again, it's the man who raised Mike's grandfather. He was from Italy and was a pilot in WWI. His name is Giuseppe Pagliacci. There's even a street named after him in Italy. This framed picture is hanging to the left of my dresser.

This is another item (his pilot's license?) I found with his picture on it. And lots of writing.

The front of the pilot's license and the front of the holder that contained the photo of him in his pilot gear.

I can make out two dates. One says 1892...and the other says 10.2.1919
I'm assuming he was born in 1892...but I don't know for sure since I can't read Italian.
I'm glad to have these though because again, I love having old stuff like this. Wow, to think of life alllll the way back then! Seems like hundreds & hundreds of years back, don't it?!!?

OH & Mike's grandfather, Grandpa George, was in WWII. Mike knows for sure he got a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. I met him a few times before he passed away and he was a really nice guy. People on our street used to tell us (when we first moved in) how sweet of a man he was. I didn't see any of his pictures in the house...but then again I didn't look through the photo albums that much. Most just had pictures of Mike's mother when she was growing up.

Enjoy your weekend and please participate in my GIVEAWAY, which can be found below. And make sure to read the directions-all of 'em...and that goes for you Ms. must've skipped over that certain part about the numbers. So if she did it, that means one of YOUs might do the same, so read carefully or you'll have to guess again! Alright, time to take Bibi for a walk before it gets TOO late. :}

Take care everyone.~

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Diane said...

ah crap, i didn't follow the rules again! this happens alot...

i'll go over and re-read it again and follow.the.rules. *sigh*


you've got you some super cool ephemera there! i love that sort of stuff!

Eve Noir said...

DIANE- It's o.k.! I know I wrote A LOT of stuff for this giveaway. I didn't want to dismiss you from the giveaway...ha ha...just teasing! :)

Thanks for the comment. I didn't know what ephemera meant. (Just Wiki-ed it!) See, you learn something new every day! Take care.

Sullivan McPig said...

Very beautiful pics. Carien has a couple of very old pictures too. Maybe i'll bug her to scan some of them :-)

Eve Noir said...

SULLIVAN- Thank you. Yes, please tell Carien to scan them when she gets a chance. I love to see old photos! ^_^

Anonymous said...

speaking of old photos, i was helping my mom on one of my visits to clean out some of her sisters things and found some super old photos!!! they are so awesome to look and think oh man i wonder how long they had to atnd there for the artist/photgrapher to paint them in!!!


Dracenea said...

Cool finds! I love old stuff like that too.