Friday, July 17, 2009

Hm, maybe it's time to get a bit DARK & creepy!!!

Last year's flier/card for DAMNED

I just picked up a flier today about a local art show happening soon called DAMNED II. It took place last year (on Devil's Night, they call it in Detroit...the night before Halloween) and this marks its second year. Anyways you can submit your art (for FREE) and there's really nothing to lose by showing your stuff. So as the back of the flier says: "Artists of all mediums are welcome to submit their work for review. There are no restrictions on genre or content but the more beautifully disturbing or powerfully instrospective, the better."

And I've made some DARKer stuff in the past (another reason for me to get the rest of my old art pieces out of storage at the parents' house). One piece comes to mind in particular...and I'm glad I didn't sell it at the art show I had (back in the day). I actually found a picture of it recently (used to be good at taking pics of my art) and said "OH, I made that!" It may seem a lil' dark to people but I love this piece.

I don't have a scanner so let me try describing it a bit (btw: don't know the name of this piece)'s a grey/black/silver metallic painting with a silver metallic (painted) plastic doll's body (from the waist up) glued in a spot of dark red paint...aka: blood, at the bottom of the painting. I glued wire (w/stars on it that you buy at Xmas or other holidays) from the top of the painting to the pool of "blood." I honestly don't know what I was trying to say with this piece but when I look back on my old art, that one stands out to me for some reason. Was really happy with the end result...and many of my old paintings (10 years back or so), I don't really like much now.

BUT, I'm not going to use THAT painting/mixed media piece if I were to show my stuff for possible display @ DAMNED. Hm....I don't know what I'd make. Maybe a painting...maybe something with mirrors....I'll have to think about it. BUT I got 2 months to get my stuff in so I want to try making atleast 3-4 pieces.

If you'd like to check out their website, please click HERE. I really wanted to go last year but couldn't make it....maybe I will this time around. As the flier says it's "A Dark Fine Art Exhibition with Formal Masquerade Ball." Sounds like fun!!!

Enjoy your weekend~

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Cindy said...

whoa. the picture used in the damned poster looks like something from hellraiser or something. lol. totally creepy.

you art piece sounds really should try and take a picture of the picture! sometimes, it works out really well if you have a decent camera...

if not, you'll have to scan the pic soon! i would really love to see it!

EVE said...

Thanks Cindy!

Hm, maybe. The picture of the art piece itself is pretty small's on a 4 x 6 photo/print BUT stupid me (back in the day) didn't get very close to the pieces I made. End result-it's kinda tiny. But I'll try since you're interested!

That was made back when I was experimenting with gluing stuff to the actual canvas. And putting wire w/a hot glue gun is not recommended...I don't know why I did that without gloves! DOH!

Thanks for the nice comment & interest!!!

The Queen of Clearance said...

I think you should enter your art if your up to it! I would be to scared...because Im a scardy cat but I think you are more than brave enough! I think you should also go to the art show that would be so much fun! There's nothing like that to do around here!

EVE said...

Thanks Queen. I'm going to TRY. See what happens. I browsed the art that was up for last year's show & it was pretty...professional looking. I got kinda excited about it (the upcoming show) and then I saw kinda more high end art...but again, gonna TRY my bestest. And submitting costs nothing so it's worth the try! AND you're right, the party sounds fun. :)

Take care~

Sullivan McPig said...

Sounds very cool! Do enter and take pictures!

Anonymous said...

eve you have to put up the pic or take a pic of the art you are describing sounds cool and makes a person curious :)


EVE said...

Thanks Sullivan! I'm thinking BLOOD right now...hmm...what to do with blood? (have painted a few things lately a deep red color...)

ROXY- Ooo, now I'm nervous. Maybe the description surpasses the actual piece. OK, I will try taking a pic or two of it, but I know it's not gonna be too just know that now.

I didn't mean to make peeps TOO curious...;)