Sunday, July 26, 2009

If you'd like...


The PIECE...painted

The ARTIST...pondering...;) can befriend me on FACEBOOK, my name there is Eve Noir, and see my progress for my DAMNED II (possible) piece. I have parts 1-3 up now. I'm actually just about to finish it up shortly...have to glue a few more things. Could always change my mind...but I think it'll be almost done very soon.

Sorry for posting the progress there, but it's a lot easier for me. So HOP on Facebook and check it out...and you can see more of my crazy pics too...and bla to the bla to the bla too. Thanks JENNYLEE for getting hooked on FaceBook again. :{ No, it's ok...:)....Just was on it so late last night....but it was fun talking to some old friends!

Take care everyone & have a good day!

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The Queen of Clearance said...

Ill have to look you up on facebook!