Sunday, July 26, 2009

The last of my Random Cell Pics for now...and my 400th post!!!

First up:
I really enjoy going to this antique shop down the road from me.
But tis VERY addicting. I'm easing up a bit now.

One of my weaknesses-skeleton keys.
She lets me have 'em for $1, how nice.
Soon to be incorporated into some of my art...
on & off Etsy.
I'll keep ya posted here of course!

This is the owner's sister. Awww, she's holding my Bibi.
I just ran in for a quick second with Bibi in the car...
yes, the windows were down.
I told 'em I had to hurry cuz my dog was outside & they said "Bring her in!"
I'm thinking "OH antique store...idk."

But this nice lady was cool
(she even had a Bichon too)...
and BIBI was really good...
as she held her & I browsed.
That's some nice folks, wouldn't you say???

NEXT UP: Great Lakes Crossing Mall...
Tasty (but pricey) candy apples...
of all kinds!

This cute bear is always in their window...
but in a different outfit.
I wonder if they give him a new look every day?!!!

Did you know it's Hello Kitty's 35th B-Day???
Got this when I went in the Sanrio store.

Next up: Michaels Craft Store...
Well, it's kinda not too far away...
3 months or so til Halloween.
But I saw these atleast a few weeks back...
was very surprised...
but happy since Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year!

Last but not least...
YES, that is a drinking fountain.
WTH are you thinking K-Mart!!!?!!!
I would be really angry if a shoe fell on my head!
I mean, wouldn't you!???!
Oddest placement for a water fountain EVER.

~Night night!~

Oh, and FYI:
This is my 400th post!!!
...(fireworks going off)...
after almost 8 months of having this blog...
wooo hooo.
Wow, has it been that long already?!?

I will be having a giveaway soon...
as I said before, I'd like to have 50+ followers,
and then I'd prob do the next one.
I'll see how it goes,
and of course keep you updated.


11 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

we have that halloween village thingy! We got it at michaels too! I want a skeleton key! I always wanted a really old one...Ive actually never seen an old one...just a new one that is made to look old. Does that makes any sense? I hope to run across one some day! esp for a dollar! lucky girl!

EVE said...

Oh, I got a BUNCH. Just look at an antique store. They shouldn't be pricey & if they are, I wouldn't pay more than a couple bucks for one. Yeah, the REAL thing is much cooler than the new ones 'trying' to look old. (I know what you mean...I've seen it.)

Oh and thanks for saying happy 400th post. ;) j/k...or am i???

Take care~

The Queen of Clearance said...

Happy 400th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cindy said...

congrats on your 400th post! :)

and hello kitty is 35? who would have thought it?

EVE said...

Thanks ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

great antique shop pics. my fave is the button? doorknob?, i like what it says LOL
HAPPY 400th POST!!!!!!!!!!!


EVE said...

Thanks Roxy!

I don't think it's a button. I think you just set it down on a tabletop or something. I liked it a lot too! :) Maybe I can put it on layaway there (yes, they have layaway, how great is that?)...I'm actually unsure of the price but I'll have to check.

Take care~

Sullivan McPig said...

That Halloween house is beautiful! Looks like the Addams family house!

Mejis said...

Skeleton keys are cool!
I used to go to Michael's a lot when I lived up north but sadly the nearest one where I live now is 2 hours away.
Happy 400th!

EVE said...

Thanks Mejis!

Wow, you really are far away from stuff. :( My Michaels is less than a mile away...:)...but this can be a bad thing too. :(

Take care~

The Queen of Clearance said...

hey, who or what is a domo? Please tell me you know! I have been wanting to know forever! Shoot me an email with the answer if you know! Thanks!