Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Very sorry friends/followers.... (Etsy related)

...about SOMETHING. It's ETSY related. I don't know if you've been checking consistently or not but I've been jumping back & forth on my prices for pretty much all my pieces in my ETSY shop. This is because I really don't know how to price my stuff. Never sold my stuff like this before.

I had it the same for the first several days....then I was looking around ETSY (which I know is no way to base your stuff but still....was curious)....and then I'm like "Hm, well, haven't sold anything yet....maybe I'll ask a lil' more." So I'm sorry that it's been inconsistent....but I'm trying to get it kinda in order...while I'm at work today I'm gonna try to get it "right." If that's possible. I hate that someone would like something of mine....and then the next day it's 5-10 dollars higher. I just don't think my stuff NEEDS to be terribly expensive....for these certain pieces atleast. Ya know?!!?

But you don't want to sell yourself short for the money you put in to a piece...and especially the TIME & EFFORT. Because truly, most (if not all) of my pieces really do take a good amount of time/effort...and honestly not a heck of a lot of money...unless a frame/pendant/etc... is involved really. And I've been buying a few really sweet frames lately so I need to take the cost of those into consideration.

OK, I'm running late for work...again! How does this happen?!? I blame the very exhausting party yesterday! Well, I can do that, right!??! No, honestly I was watching TV & I fell asleep for longer than expected. Need to set my cellphone to wake me when I do that! Maybe then I wouldn't (always) be running late for...everything. ;)

Have a good day everyone & be chatting with some of you soon. (Oh and the PIRATE party is below this one btw.) Take care.~

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The Queen of Clearance said...

I don't know how to price things either...Because I started mine out really cheap then put them a little higher and then lowered them a little again...aaaahhh...I dont know how to price them at all! I still have a week or two until it opens tho...so its ok...for now :)

EVE said...

Queen- I know, it's really tough. I changed it & hope to not touch it for a while. Prices seem good to me at this point. But I guess I'll see how it goes. (I did what you did-priced low...to high...back to low, ugh!)

And I wish I could say THE PRICES won't change again but I never make any promises...;}

Take care & good luck getting your ETSY started!

cindy said...

i'm sure you'll figure it all out eventually! :) good luck!

EVE said...

Thanks Cindy!