Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coraline Guessing Game Giveaway

I was checking to see who liked Coraline cuz I have a small gift or 2 for peeps who enjoyed this awesome film. Tiny gifts but still cool, of course! All I ask is for the ladies who said they liked Coraline in the previous post to guess a number...and sorry I can only do this giveaway for US residents...just too pricey to send overseas right now.

OK, please guess how many buttons am I thinking of right now? Not how many buttons I have, remember, cuz I did a post not too long ago about that. This is just a silly little giveaway...soooo, the hint is...the number is between 1 and 50. Whoever is the closest, WINS!!! I'll announce the winner (prob) Tuesday...sometime. So please have your guesses in by then, thanks. After I announce the winner, I will need you to email me your address at But I'm sure I'll remind you again...

...and oh, comments are being moderated someone may have guessed already...or possibly more peeps...guess you'll have to wait and see. But if you guess tonight (it's still Sunday), I will put up your guess sometime tomorrow...since I got the laptop at my fingertips now. Yay!!!

OK, gotta get going but have a good night (as well as week) and happy guessing!!!

UPDATE on 8/10/09: So far Queen & Cindy have guessed. And I read the lil' that was shown that Ms. Cindy posted (cuz I didn't accept the comment yet)...and I will do that Cindy...I'm not going to show your guesses. Good thinking!!! So thanks for that. :) OK, need some more button guesses, please. "Button button, who's got the button?"-Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder)

10 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

44.... you shouldnt post our guesses though because people can guess stratigically off of what we guess! but if you want to..of course you can..because it's your blog after all, and your giveaway!

cindy said...


that's my guess!! :)

Irish Chicken Soup said...

I'm going to go with... 37.

Not sure why, just what popped into my head. Probably wrong, but hey I have a 2% chance of being right. lol.

Irish Chicken Soup said...

Nope, no facebook. I have one, but I never use it. I'm still clinging to the myspace. :)

Anonymous said...

this has been driving me nuts trying to think how you think to know what number to put!! LOL
3 is my guess though :)


Anonymous said...

ok i am not sure if this is allowed but i just realized i was thinking of the 3 kid ghosts and meant to say 6. if not i understand :(


EVE said...

ok, got irish chicken, queen, and cindy...oh & roxy...sorry roxy...i put up yours cuz i was wondering what the heck you were saying (saw only a tad in my comment section)...yes, tis's it a trick?'ll find out soon.


EVE said...

weird, your post was posted before mine roxy...we did it at the exact same time! odd!

ok, i will allow the change. but that's your last chance (since you're a very dedicated follower)...and FYI: you cannot change your answer. Yes, I said OK with Roxy, but only cuz we HIT "post" at the same exact often would that happen???

~~~~~~answer to come soon~~~~~~
just waiting to see if a couple others will take a guess...

The Frog Queen said...

Ah, I wish I was making a more educcated guess....but 51 sounds like a good number of buttons for me, so that is what I am going for :D

Great idea for a contest!!!


EVE said...

sorry it's too late, frog queen...and i said between 1 and went over! thanks, i thought it was a good idea! :)

take care~