Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eve Interview Part 2

-What are some suggestions/tips/advice you have for anyone just beginning to blog?

They always say "Write about what you know," and I think that's very true. And if you can't write about that then write about what you love...what you are passionate about. I don't claim to know everything about Alice (In Wonderland) but I do love it. I also love music, art, films, and toys. And I find myself writing about 'em often because those are the things I am very passionate about.

I don't think you should ever feel like you HAVE to blog. That you have to come up with something new every day. If you don't feel like blogging, don't blog. Be it for a day, a week, what have you. It shouldn't be treated like a chore. I think a lot of blog authors feel that and I even felt like that for a while. That's why I have that cool lil' picture up on my page (BWO-Blogging without obligation)...because you should blog for fun and for yourself above anything else.

-What kinds of blogs do you like? What kind of blog do you consider Through Eve's Looking-Glass?

I like all types of blogs from themed ones to regular journal entry types of blogs. All kinds really. Also, ones that can't really be classified so easily either. Oh and I really enjoy blogs that guys write. There's so few guys blogging (or is it just me thinking that?)...and I really like hearing a male's perspective every now and then.

When I started my blog I knew it wasn't going to be a themed blog (all about Alice). I couldn't imagine writing about that every day. (I don't think it would be possible!) I just really liked the title I chose. I think my blog is a mix of many things...kinda a journal, also about things I like, about Alice things from time to time too. So honestly I don't know how to classify it...and those are the kinds of blogs that I probably like most. Blogs where the author doesn't have just one thing or theme they blog about most the time.

-What makes a blog no-so-good?

Like I said before, if you blog like it's a chore, that's no good...and I really think people can tell. I can definitely tell at times. I also see blog authors struggle sometimes with their themed blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love lots of themed blogs but I've seen authors write that they want to talk about something else and they feel that they can't...because of their theme. It's really weird.. Like if they give in, no one will read their blog when really I think their readers would like them to step outside the box. I know I would.

Also, I know having a blog is like having your own world and that it's a very me-me-me thing in general, but I think there's some who just take it too far at times. I've stopped reading blogs because the blog author had too high of an opinion of themselves. Or when he/she seems like a know-it-all. I mean there's not many authors who do this but I have seen it before and just didn't understand it. So I try not to make it seem like I am a know-it-all (because I definitely am not) with my posts and I hope people can see that too. ;)

Any questions, comments, etc...SEND 'em on over. Also, if you'd like to ask me a question for the next interview (yes, feed my ego, ha ha), please feel free to ask in the comments.

Take care & enjoy your day.~

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Cindy said...

cool answers! i agree about blogging not being a chore...you should do it when you want to and how you want too...

Irish Chick Soup said...

I agree, for a while I let blogging become a chore, now I realize that I don't have to post every other day, or have a pattern, or really anything. Some people do that, and it's great, but it just doesn't work for me. Great way to put it.

Your also definitely right about the male bloggers. I only follow a couple. Do you have any good blogroll suggestions?

Eve Noir said...

Thanks ladies.

Irish- A few guys I follow are: Boyd's World, The Blot Says..., and Bird's-eye Views. Strange, all start with B (and all Boys!). You can find them on my profile page. Of course I recommend all the blogs I follow too! ;)

I used to follow 2 other guys actually but it was TOO much of a theme-thing where I got overloaded with the theme itself. Oh well, what can ya do?!?

But yeah, it's quality over quantity for blogging, hands down! Took me a while to realize that too. And like you, I got into a pattern. So it was hard to stop and say "Do I REALLY NEED to post about THAT!??!"

Thanks~Eve, XoX

Sullivan McPig said...

Yup, missed this one!
And cool answers once more!

Eve said...

Thanks Sullivan. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree blogging shouldn't be a chore.