Thursday, September 3, 2009

Interview: Let the self indulgence BEGIN! Part 1

Hi there.

I previously posted that I wanted to do something really self indulgent soon. And that time has now arrived. Yay! Though my ONE YEAR Blogoversary is still 3 more months away (today, the 2nd of September, marks my 9 month anniversary though-woo hoo!), I wanted to do this INTERVIEW. So, who is being interviewed? It'' ;) I know it's self indulgent (there's a reason Mindless Self Indulgence is one of my fave bands!)...but I think it will show you some good info about my know the beginning, now, and beyond too.

Also I'm doing this because YOU (my dear friend/follower) may want to interview yourself about your blog too. I recommend it...and I wouldn't think it's self's info I'm curious about. And I'm sure your friends/followers feel the same too!

So...I am using a work computer. It's better than the laptop right now. And I am hoping there will be paragraphs so it's not one huge mass of words. (Forgive me if it happens!) Sometimes the laptop gets wonky with that stuff so here I am. And I am going to do this interview in parts because...I think my blogging life can't be summed up in one post. And I won't...well, I'll try my best to not write a lot at once. Well, you see, there has to be several parts so I can savor the indulgence ha ha. Just kidding. OK. Let's get down to blogging business. Here I go...ready EVE?...Ready!

1-What made you want to start blogging?

I wrote blogs before on MySpace and then later on a Hello Kitty message board (yes, there are places for us Kitty junkies). MySpace people weren't really writing or reading blogs much...atleast not the people I chatted with. BUT it was much different on the HK message board. At that time, there wasn't a lot of people on the site itself, so everyone kinda knew everyone. I started blogging....and it didn't HAVE to be Hello Kitty related of course, so I wrote about concerts I went to, how my day/week was, etc... And I got a good response and felt pretty happy there. And it was just really nice to write (ugh, I mean BLOG-which I've never been fond of the word) general.

Of course having people read my blog is a GREAT benefit to writing about stuff you enjoy or stuff you find interesting. But I have also kept a journal (yes-hand written) since I was 15 or 16...then slacking a bit more in my twenties until I went on MySpace, etc... So really I have always enjoyed writing. Feels good to just get it out there...if it's in a paper journal or online in some form, in my opinion. This goes from the not-so-happy stuff in my life to stuff I enjoy to stuff I'm curious about, and so on.

So to make a long story short (too late!), a girl on that HK site said she was on BLOGGER and said to me, you should blog there too. I told her that I wasn't very sure about that. That I'm TOO wordy...and that I really liked writing on the HK site at that time. But one night, really late...when I couldn't fall asleep, I checked out Blogger and said "Heck, I'll give it a try." And that's how it all began. (OK, I think that will be the longest answer for this interview...but I guess we'll see.)

2-What made you come up with the name, Through Eve's Looking-Glass? What does it mean?

First, it's an Alice In Wonderland reference. Which many people know about, and some don't. So either way, I'll explain it a bit. For me it simply means my world...through my eyes. And mirrors aka: looking-glasses show your world...well, everyone's world really. So the name of my blog just means you are looking into my "mirror."

The whole title to the second ALICE novel is Through the Looking-Glass...and what Alice found there. So these (my posts) are about what I have know, going through my looking-glass little world. I hope that makes sense. I think most people are smart enough to figure it out. :) And this idea of a looking-glass/mirror is how I see all blogs. I'm looking into your mirror/world and you can look into mine too.

3-What is your favorite thing to blog/write about? What makes you blog?

I don't think I have just one favorite thing but I do like my random cellphone pics posts a lot. And they are so easy for me to do because I think both beautiful things and crazy things are everywhere. And also because I love to share my findings.

As far as why I blog, I write because I love to. I truly can't help myself! Again, I kept a journal for a long time. It was a great outlet for me. And with blogging/writing online (which is a lot different of course), I especially like sharing things with people that they may not be so familiar with. Growing up (and to this day) I love to find out about new stuff ranging from art to films to music (and everything inbetween).

I am very curious, if you couldn't tell! :) And I just love learning and discovering many things. So the very best part for me is sharing what I find...even if the person doesn't feel the same way I do. I just want to say "Hey, look." Because I feel that's a HUGE part of life...sharing new things...sharing the experience or experiences you have with others.

Also I hope people can see that I try to include my readers into a lot of what I'm writing about. Of course I love writing for myself (and everyone who blogs will probably say "I do it for myself first") but I truly love to interract with my readers. I always like to hear others viewpoints (as my lil' sign says: "your comments feed my blog"). And I especially like meeting people. I have met some of the coolest people through blogging. It's really the icing on the (blogging) cake.

(I am hitting SEND in one moment. I have this problem of editing editing editing things to I'm not even gonna read it for the 10th time, or it'll never get sent. Anyways, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave them. Yet, I know with an interview like this, there may not be a whole lot for you, my readers & followers, to say. So it's all cool!)

To Be Continued...sometime...maybe soon...maybe later...Take care~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Great interview! Hope you'll do more of this

The Queen of Clearance said...

interviewing yourself sounds fun! Im glad to know a little bit more about you, and look forward to learning even more!

Eve Noir said...

Thank you ladies! I hope you will do some interviews for your blogs too!

Take care~

Irish Chick Soup said...

This was interesting. Can't wait to see further installments.

Cindy said...

interesting stuff... :)

Eve Noir said...

Thanks girls!

Glad you found it interesting.
~Eve, xox

Mejis said...

That was interesting! I used to use Myspace but there was way too much drama on there for my taste.

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Mejis. Yeah, I felt the same exact way about MySpace. Ugh...and Blogger is far better, right?

Take care~

Anonymous said...

great interview! i am going to think think think and maybe next time you can answer my question....maybe?!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Roxy!

I would love to answer a question. :) Yeah, just email it to me when you're ready. You can send it to my Yahoo one.

Anyone else who may be reading this please know that I would be happy to answer any questions...for next installment(s).

Take care~

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