Monday, September 28, 2009

What I got from Ren Fest 2009

As you know I went to the Renaissance Festival this year and it was a lot of fun. One of my favorite things to do there is to check out all the cool stuff. Most I can't afford but it's still fun to look. So I got a few things affordable to me and now I'm going to show you what those are. :)

First a cute little bag. Love the colors lots! You can wear it on your wrist or put it through your belt loop (or on your belt) also. The woman who made these told me her daughters take them to concerts or clubs. That you just slip it on to your belt loop & VOILA-no purses or big bags to carry around for the night. That's a really good idea!
Actually I got this bag with not-so-good intentions...that it would be something I'd wear IF I got into the DAMNED art show. (But I'd still use the bag anyways...I was just using wishful thinking.) I still have 3 days until I find out but hm, I guess my hopes aren't up too high at this point. It's bad to think that I know but hm...I'm still waiting is all. Ok, enough about that, on to the next Ren Fest item.

Cute little candles. Only $2 each. I like the monster blob on the left a lot. And the one on the right is a "scrap candle." Which I think just means it doesn't look like what it was originally supposed to be like. BUT for me, I think it's pretty sweet. And a mistake/accident can sometimes be quite cool...and that's how I feel about that scrap candle.

Lastly, my favorite artist at the Ren Fest. He makes the coolest things out of pottery. This is now my 3rd piece I bought from him. It looks like he stepped out of his traditional pieces (which I will show below) and made many things that also serve a purpose. Like my holder can put flowers or anything like that in it. He also made birdhouses, mugs/steins, and lots more art pieces that have two purposes-looking cool & being useful at the same time. Love it!
But I think my friend might have been a tad irritated with me because I could not make up my mind. I mean this guy has sooooo much stuff that it was very hard to pick just one. Not only does he have new items (like my holder above) but he has LOTS more out in his shop-what a killer!

The inside of the holder. Hm, what should I put inside him...???...Hmm.....
Now on to past pieces I bought from his shop...

The first one I bought from him. A baby's face. There was a bunch to choose from. It actually took me a while to choose well as the piece below. They are all different. No TWO pieces are the same. That's another thing that I love about his work. Not a bad price either. All these pieces run in the 20-30 dollar range. Which is an awesome price to me! ^_^

And the second one I got. A lion's face.
Hope you liked my "loot" from the Ren Fest. ;) Enjoy your day!

7 Curious people had this to say...:

cindy said...

very cool finds! i love those candles a lot! the baby's face creeps me out a lot i think it's just because i'm kinda afraid of dolls and stuff. too many chuckie movies as a kid ;)

Sullivan McPig said...

Very pretty bag! and those pottery thingies are really cool!

Demented Wench said...

That is a cute bag. :)

Coco Calavera said...

Very nice! I really like the gothic-style bag... Such a nice kind of red, with victorian style texture.

Eve Noir said...


@ Cindy: You can't be afraid of Chucky, he's soooo fake & riduculous! ;) I understand that dolls freak you out a bit, but embrace the creepiness & you'll love it before long! ;)

The Queen of Clearance. said...

love everything you got here! Very nice! I love the blob monsterish candle the best I think! I cant wait to see if you got into damned or not!

tracy said...

Thanks for the pics and tales from the Ren Fest...i would love to go to one, but have never been. i especially love the candles...waaaaay cool!