Saturday, October 3, 2009

Angelspit LIVE *Pic Heavy*

Saw KMFDM last night. So hm, that's about 4 times now. Angelspit (industrial duo from Australia) opened. And they were awesome. KMFDM on the other hand, not so awesome. But their last few albums have been pretty similar sounding so I kinda knew what I was in for last night.

As for Angelspit-I love Destroyx (girl singer) and Zoog (guy singer/musician) is pretty cool too. Destroyx is a jack-of-all-trades...meaning she designs their clothing, album covers, etc. Not to mention she has her own clothing, jewelry, accessory, and makeup lines called Miss X.

They had (by far) the coolest merchandise I've ever seen at a concert! Probably because they had so much to choose from. They had t-shirts of course but I always want something different from shows lately (and do you really want to know how many t-shirts I have?). So there was plenty to choose from. But with that means hard decisions with so I opted for something I've never seen at a show's called the First Aid pack.

And although I don't have pics of it up here yet, it has some pretty sweet merch in it. And all being in a cool red tote bad with lots of "first aid-ish" goodies like a keychain pill holder (yes looks like a red & white pill) to dog tags to stickers to more. Loved it. (Pics will come once I sort it out a bit...some will go to Mike, but most is mine...well, he got the sweet Alice In Vulgarland shirt now! Yes, SHE (Destroyx) loves Alice In Wonderland. I even bought a black eyeshadow from her makeup line (yes, a lot of her makeup was at the show) called Black Alice. Will try it out for the DAMNED show.

OK, here's some pics. None of KMFDM. But that's ok, as those pics probably wouldn't have been as cool! ;) A lot of pics were taken in 'night time mode'-hence the darkness & color being a bit...different. More artsy I know...but I didn't plan it...the camera is kinda sucky but sometimes in a cool way. Oh and the stage was up high. Really really high. The highest I've ever seen at a venue...probably about 6-7 feet. That's why I could never get a full body shot of Destroyx or Zoog. And was zoomed to the max most the times too. OK, enough blabbing...enjoy the pics!

Probably my best shot of Destroyx. But I still took more. I can't help it. I'm always looking for the better shot. And because I love to take many of you know. ;)

Zoog with this pill shaped musical...something or another.

Love this bizarre shot of Destroyx. And the one of Zoog below is also a personal fave.

Me and Destroyx. She's really really pretty & sweet and nice. I had her sign a poster I got in my "First Aid" merch pack. I'll show that to you guys later. I liked what she wrote. :)

Mike and Zoog. He was just as nice but a little intimidating for me at first...

...maybe because he's a giant to lil' ol' me. ;) Yes, his hair. It's not hair. It's these leather (fake leather?) strips with holes in 'em. Very unique. I asked to take a pic of 'em and he said SURE.

That's one part of the venue. We were sitting at a table over that. But for Angelspit we went down to the "pit" of course...where it was really tame. Kinda sad about this concert. Maybe 150 were there. Not a good turnout...and it was KMFDM's 25th anniversary tour...but as I said I wasn't very impressed. It was really really HEAVY. Not saying I don't like that...but I was waiting for more of the electronic-driven songs but nope...maybe a few. Wasn't so great...and Mike even said so too...which is rare because he doesn't like to say anything bad (or honest) much. Still, it was great to watch and meet Angelspit (and get some of their sweet merch).
FYI: I may not announce the winners tomorrow for the GIVEAWAY. Depends. I have things that are going on (out of my control) and Monday would be a better day for me. So you know have until (some time) Monday to get your suggestions in...and that means if you already gave a suggestion (and have a blog too) then you can do a post on YOUR blog and get another chance to suggest something...which means another chance to win either prize pack. Sorry to push it back but it's been (and still is) a crazy & busy (and freezing!) weekend.
Take care & best of luck to all the people who have suggested something to me thus far. As I said before, will be VERY hard to just pick one BIG winner...but I think I know who it is. K, take care (again) and adios for now.~

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Demented Wench said...

It sounds like you had a good time and the First Aid pack sounds cool. Can't wait to see the pictures of what was inside. :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Sounds like you had great time despite the disappointing show from KMFDM

The Queen of Clearance. said...

I cant wait to see what she wrote on the poster. you always leave me hanging :) It always nice to get to meet the people that we admire! She is really pretty, you are right about that!

Anonymous said...

it's pretty cool that the band came out to take pics, i have never seen that at any concert. you can tell they put thought into what they wear :) the aid pack sounds cool and take a pic of yur bf shirt too!