Monday, October 5, 2009

Angelspit's First Aid Merch Pack

Angelspit probably had the coolest merch I have ever seen available (at once) at a concert. Even if you only had a few dollars, you could've got something. That was really cool. But indecisive me wanted just about one of everything (and since Mike and I hadn't been to a concert in a while, we splurged a bit)...and they have something for indecisive peeps like me. It was a First Aid merch pack (no you wouldn't be able to help someone could just make 'em look cool!). And since I LOVE the Red Cross and all things First Aid-ish (which is a big part of Angelspit's look), this was a MUST HAVE for me.

AND since I'm soooo nice I gave Mike some things...eventhough he got a pretty awesome shirt. I would've got the shirt but again, never seen something like this available at a show, so I didn't really have to think hard about my decision.

The picture above (a red tote bag) was what held the contents of the First Aid merch pack. (And the tote straps actually fit comfortably over your shoulder. That's always a good thing!)

The bag with the contents of the First Aid "supplies." The t-shirts were also in these kinds of bags.

Stickers (which I love!), a patch, and 6 pins. I gave Mike 3 of 'em.

2 dog tags. This is one side of them.

And this is the other side. I liked the black more so Mike got the red one.

Red and white keychain pill holder. And yes, you can store your pills in there. Love it! And below that is a white (tablet) that you can rest your wrist on while you blog!...or FaceBook...or browse for cool stuff!

3 plastic wristbands. My fave is the red one-Alice In Vulgarland. But yeahhhh!!!

Red leather wristband.

The patch...which is now in Mike's possession.
Now on to a couple items NOT from the First Aid merch pack.

Destroyx's makeup line, Miss. X. This is one of the many eyeshadows she had available at the show. She also had eyeliner and her other line of stuff was jewelry. (I took cell pics of those. Will come at a later time. But if you're curious now, she was wearing the black ribcage necklace during her performance...which she designed.)

And I wanted to try out the black eyeshadow. Which is shimmery. Haven't tried it yet...will probably try it out for the DAMNED show. And but yeah, I got the Black Alice shade! ;)

OK, I am a bit jealous that Mike got this awesome shirt BUT I have so many shirts that it's really ok. Atleast I can look at it when he wears it. :)
And the back is below...

BTW: I recently framed the poster that Destroyx and Zoog signed for me. (And yes, that was also part of the merch pack.) I will show that soon. They personalized it to me. They were very very nice & friendly people. Which most of the bands Mike and I see are. And it's pretty easy to meet them too. They usually hang out before/after their set (or the show) to sign stuff and chat with people. It's just if you have the courage to go up and say HI. That's one of the greatest things about independent bands...there's always great interaction with their fans.
One day I'll have to show you guys all my autographs. It's a bit of an obsession...but I truly can't help myself. And if I just meet a band/artist, I'm fine with that too. I just like having the memory of an autograph or picture around. :) Oh and my personalization for Destroyx-the coolest one I got yet! Are you curious!?! To come soon...
Take care~

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Cindy said...

very cool merch! :)

Anonymous said...

great things and the tote is AWESOME!! loving the tshirt too.

The Queen of Clearance. said...

That is really unique concert mech. I would have had to get some as welL! I would have probably gotten the first aid pack too! Full of so much goodness!

The Bird said...

My daughter would LOVE this stuff! She's a nutter for Angelspit....where can I find this stuff online??

Demented Wench said...

I love the dog tags and pill key chain thingy. :)

Eve Noir said...

@ The Bird: I'll have to get back to you on that. Destroyx's line is based out of Australia...but my boyfriend has ordered from her before (online) so I'll email you back. :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Very cool stuff!

Keval said...

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