Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broken Heart (for Ryan) + Update: Finished Product!

Hi again. The picture above as well as the two pics below are the 'finished product.' Completely dried, two coats of paint. I like how it turned out. Exactly what I wanted...and worth the pain of a piece of glass getting into my pinky finger-ouch! ;)

Some of my Facebook (Bloggy) friends have seen the process of this art piece called Broken Heart. Well, here it is, almost finished...probably going to do one more coat of paint (it's currently drying).

  • This piece was inspired by the song "Dead Hearts" by Dead Man's Bones because there's smashing of...something (glass, ceramic, somethings that are making a big SMASH). So this piece is comprised of: a wood heart, pieces of a ceramic bowl and glass cup (broken of course)...and what kinda glue? Industrial strength e6000 or something like that. Never used it before BUT it has a deadly smell...seems like I'm the only one who can STILL smell it when I walk in the house.

  • Mike nor Tom said they can smell anything...so I hope I didn't inhale too much fumes (uh ohhh!)...cuz I did use a lot since I did not know what I was doing (which is very common!). OK, enjoy your day & I'm off to work soon. Don't forget to read about my NEW giveaway below BTW. Take care~

*Oh and if Ryan and Zach (Dead Man's Bones) come to Detroit, this is for them. Well, mainly Ryan. He would be the one I'd give it to for sure. I mean...But of course!

4 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

It turned out really beautiful! Great job once more!

tracy said...

i absolutely l o v e this! At first i thought it was a cake to eat...doh! It is fantastic...don't get too high from the glue...hee.

i think i have that same tray!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

nice art :) I would give it to ryan too. ever since the notebook I have been fully in love with him :)

All Hallows Eve said...

Thanks everyone!

Tracy- Luckily that glue isn't something I'll need all the time. But my room still has a terrible smell but it was worth it...;)