Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All this could be YOURS if...

Hello there. So the pictures you see now are of the box & a sneak peek to some of the contents of my giveaway. Curious? Well, I'll just say there's A LOT...and there's things in things so yeah, a heck-of-a LOT. SO guess what? I changed my mind about the giveaway. This is what I'm pretty sure I want to do at this point.

  • OK, the person/follower who gives me the BEST 2-3 QUESTIONS to answer {a mini Eve Blogoversary interview} will WIN the prize pack. And there will be only ONE winner. But like I said in the post below (which you can skip over many parts of, as they don't apply now) PLEASE send your questions to my ghostgirl6@gmail.com address. This begins NOW. When I announce the winner is unknown at the moment. Definitely after after the art show, Halloween, etc... Basically it'll be sometime in November.

  • But like I said, if you have a couple questions, send 'em on over now. But if you do send 'em, PLEASE send them ALL at one time. So again, this is a giveaway to really really think about. I'm gonna make you work hard for my big BLOGOVERSARY giveaway. ;) Take care & start thinking of your questions because November will be here before you know it. Crazy that this month is almost over!

Are you curious???
Let's just say it's a very good feeling to give this stuff away.
Too much clutter...and lots (if not all) were on sale/clearance.
Sooo...gonna play my giveaway?
Hope you do!~

5 Curious people had this to say...:

The Bird said...

Count me in :) I'll be sending my questions to ya shortly!

All Hallows Eve said...

OK, cool! Thanks The Bird. :)

The Queen of Clearance. said...

Im going to send my questions soon! Im going to take a day or so to think of some good ones! I always win runner up...this time Im going for the gold! lol. Thanks for another great giveaway!

cindy said...

i've got to start brainstorming! i love interviews!

Soldier without a War said...


I just sent you an email! :)