Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eve's Halloween Guessing Game Giveaway: Part 6

Hello and welcome to yet another part of my Halloween Giveaway. This is the Hot Topic (Halloween-ish) post/part. And YES you will win EVERYTHING pictured which includes: a Coraline bookmark, an eyeshadow kit, skull bandana, and some cute Hello Kitty pencils. This could very well be the LAST part of the there's a tie between Sullivan & Cindy at the moment. And if one of 'em gets it right, then the giveaway will end. BUT still remember that Roxy got one post correct and Queen also has one post correct. So anything goes.
  • OK, so the rules for this one are very plain & simple: just guess the total cost of the items pictured. I won't include really doesn't matter much anyways I suppose. I should've never included it in to the giveaway...but live & learn, right?
  • So, the winner of this part (or possibly the whole giveaway) will be announced sometime much later today (as it's 12:22 AM right now). And I'm giving you almost the entire you may want to think this one through.
  • Thanks again for participating and enjoy the rest of your weekend.~