Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winner of Part Six Giveaway + Update @ 6 am

(It's time for EVE to put her foot down!)

The winner of part six of my giveaway is...


With a guess of 7.25. Actual amount was 7.48. Good job!

OK, this giveaway has been fun and all but there has been too many people that guessed correctly...which means basically (and as you probably could have told by now) it is really hard to get ONE winner of out many posts/parts. So after much thought I have decided that I am going to ask the "winners" of each part to answer any of the questions below...or you can tell me something I haven't listed as well.

So the people included in this giveaway are:
Roxy, Queen, Sullivan, Cindy, and Tracy.
Now you can tell me anything. Examples: Why you love Halloween? Best Halloween memory? What this prize means to you? Why you liked this giveaway? Why you like my blog? (And yeah, flattery is nice but it won't get you everywhere, hint hint.) ^_^

Also, I'm going to moderate your answers/comments for this particular post so NO ONE sees what you have said. I will reveal the winner of this giveaway at approximately 3:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone) tomorrow...that should give you plenty of time. I will read the answers before that, then should come to my decision at around 3-ish or so. I can't tell you what I'm exactly looking for...but if it's from the heart, then know you are on the right path. And of course if I could give you all the winnings, I would but I'm just a lil' starving blogger like the rest of us. :P
  • Please Note: If I get TOO anxious, I just might read your answer. So I might possibly write it down, digest it, and think about what you said. Which means your post to me, may never get seen by anyone else. I'll see how it goes...because of course I'm CURIOUS.
How could I not be!?!

Take care & best of luck to all of you!~
***UPDATE: Alright it's 6 am (I'm up early because soon I drive Mike into work), and so far I've read Sullivan's, Roxy's, and Queen's posts (don't worry ladies, they got deleted)...and they were all great. Goodness, you guys like to make this extremely HARD for me, don't you!??! You three put a lot of thought into your answer and I really appreciate that...and like I said before, no matter who wins, you are all so special (and WINNERS!) to me. ;)
OK, so all the pressure is on Tracy & Cindy now ^_^...if they choose to be a part of this, which you don't have to be of course.
OK, just wanted to say WONDERFUL responses & chat with you soon.~

1 Curious people had this to say...:

tracy said...

Wow. My favorite Halloween memory came right to mind. i was about 7 years old and usually my mom helped me put together costumes from various things around the house or we bought something, but this year, she and my grandma made me the most wonderful costume ever. It was made from leapord print (now, don't go all wild ladies!) flannel and fit on loosely, so i could wear it over my clothes (very cold where i grew up!). i got to be a jungle cat! (i have always loved big cats). It also had a head covering that fastened under the chin with ears and a tail that were stuffed and covered with black velvet and black velvet "paws". i loved that costume sooo much and wish i knew what ever happened to it.
Mom and Grandma spent hours that year as costume makers, they also made a fabulous pumpkin outfit for my older sister.
Thanks Mom! And Grandma....this is for you!
Thanks for a wonderful memory, Eve!