Friday, October 16, 2009

It' 500th post! Yay!!!

I can't believe I've done 500 posts! Wow, where does the time fly to? AND I still have about a month and a half until my 1 Year Blogoversary. So these are my silly pics I got taken at a local mall...while looking for the perfect skirt for my art show...and I found it. It's awesome. Pics of all my clothes & accessories to some point. Right now just want to finish up the giveaway because after that I will be doing one of the following things...and I will do it or you should definitely tell me "Eve, you can't be blogging! You MUST obey your list or else!"...^_^...

  • 1) putting a hook on Female Baggage...and also packaging & dropping off my art to where the art show is taking place at (Tangent Gallery in Detroit)
  • 2) cleaning up the HUGE chaos that is known as mine & Pumpkin's house
  • 3) making more art for my Etsy shop so I can have more stuff available when I pass out business cards at the DAMNED art show

So that's what I gotta get on very soon. Next Saturday & Sunday is when I can drop off my art so getting that in order is a MUST MUST MUST DO!

It's me. I'm "Wanted: For Just About Everything." Sounds about right.

I could've chose a Halloween background but you see, I'm really wanted (for just about everything). And if YOU find ME, your reward will be ONE MILLION dollars. I'm sure I'd be easy to find though. I mean c'mon how many people wear Skelanimal hats? I've seen one so far...and I think she was WANTED too. :)
Thank you fellow blog authors/friends/followers for being a part of my blog for 500 posts! It's been a lot of fun, it's been great getting to know so many cool people, and it's something I truly enjoy doing. Here's to many more...if my fingers can handle it! Ta Ta curious ones.
  • Oh and a FYI: I added a bunch pics from Tim Burton's Alice on the side of my page. Please take a look. And also, I apologize for not reading/commenting on all the blogs I follow. I do feel bad but things have been so hectic lately...including that I've been feeling a bit under the weather for several days now. And I'm usually really good at dodging colds & the flu. Plus October is just a really tough month for me because of certain obligations and the art show at the end of the month. And I never thought picking out 2 outfits would be so difficult but I did it...maybe I need just a couple of lil' things but after that, I'm done!
  • Oh and one more thing! Today I found an awesome purse (Note to Queen) of the last IMPORTANT things I needed for the Salvation Army of all places. And it was such a great deal-only 1.49, wow! But heck I deserve it after all the crap I donate to 'em, haha. OK, gotta run...but yeah, there will more than likely be another part of the giveaway tomorrow. Just a friendly reminder. Take care & thanks again for being an awesome friend & follower. I appreciate YOU more than you'll ever know!~

4 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance. said...

yay for a cheap purse! I must see a picture of it! I am going out of town to my grandmas tomorrow and wont be back until Sunday evening. Is your giveaway going to be just a one day thing? because if it is I will miss it and be the saddest queen ever! oh, and I got business cards today! I'm excited for them to arrive! After seeing yours ,I knew I needed some!

tracy said...

500 posts, thats "Wonder"ful! Many congratulations to you, Eve! Great pics and of course, a wonderful blog! May it continue forever! And i love the "Alice" photos!

All Hallows Eve said...

Tracy: Thanks so much. It is "wonderful" isn't it? The 500 posts. lol

Queen: Can't tell you everything now. Part of the "trick" of the giveaway is not can't tell ya. :-X

Sullivan McPig said...

Love the pictures!
And congrats on the 500th post