Friday, October 16, 2009

Winners of Part Three & Four Giveaways are...

With a very good guess of 10.00.
I loved that these PJ bottoms were at the very cool & creepy price of 10.31. Get it? Of course you do, the price is the day of Halloween.
(And yes, Queen I go into Old Navy every now & then, these are from Old Navy.)
So I got done with the stuff I needed to early...much earlier than expected so since (I think) just about everyone guessed on the PJ ones, I decided to announce the winner. And now since I got 5 guesses in for the other post, I will announce the winner of that one too. And then I'll take a break from the giveaway posts until atleast tomorrow. I'm burnt out, are you burnt out? LOL.
OK, so the winner of the Part 4 of the giveaway is...
With a guess of 11.50.
Actual price was 11.75. And wow, Cindy you got two in a row. Can you keep it up? Because now it's Roxy-1, Sullivan-1, Queen-1, and Cindy-2. So is someone gonna tie Cindy? Or is Irish or Tracy going to win one next? OMG, I am going to run out of Halloween stuff to guess. But actually one of my posts has some non-Halloween stuff up for grabs. That will come either next post or the following. See how it goes.
Well, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the start of your weekend. It's very cold here. Almost time to get out my big winter coat. Alright, until next time.~

6 Curious people had this to say...:

Cindy said...

okay, i'm literally going to spaz out right now. AHHHHH!!!!!

okay, i think i'm okay...AHHHHH!!!

Eve, your giveaways have to be the most fun ever! :D

All Hallows Eve said...

Yay for Cindy. Two in one day, very impressive. Thanks also! Glad you like them.

The Queen of Clearance. said...

i am terrible at this guessing game :)

All Hallow's Eve said...

You won one of the four so far Queen. :P

tracy said...

Congrats to Cindy!!!! Queen...i'm more terrible, so there....! :/

Sullivan McPig said...

Congrats Cindy!